Story of school life

By Adindu presh
Muna and Mimi had had a threesome with Mr. Afolayan who promised to give them an ‘A’ in his course.
“I hope we’ll do this some other time. I enjoyed you girls” He said licking his lips. He had dressed up already to leave because he said he had to start marking scripts..however, the hours he paid for in the hotel wasn’t over yet so he told Muna and Mimi to stay behind if they liked which they agreed. He collected their Matric numbers..
“Sir don’t fail in your promise o” Mimi said as he made to leave
“Of course I won’t. You girls have fulfilled your own part of the why won’t I? Be rest’s an A!” He smiled
“Thank you sir” they chorused while he left
“I’m so happy. So just one round of sex could get me an A in this exam?” Muna asked excitedly
“Yes o..didn’t I tell you to call your pussy down? I can handle everything..”
“Oshey master planner!” Muna laughed
“Oya come and show your own appreciation..” Mimi drew close to her as she grabbed Muna’s big br***ts and started sucking them interchangeable while Muna moaned softly..
After everything that day, Muna and Mimi headed home.
“Girl I’m worried” Mimi said as they got home.
Chisom wasn’t still around
“What is it again? I thought we’ve settled the exam ish” Mimi said removing her dress..
“Not that..” She explained what transpired between Obinna and herself earlier that day..
Mimi was furious “girl, don’t lose your man o..go there and give him whatever he wants before another girl will snatch him away from you”
“But what about tomorrow’s exam?”
“Kai this girl..u too dey fall my hand..when you have pussy, you can get whatever you want. Forget tomorrow’s exam and protect your territory first!”
Muna quickly hurried out and boarded a taxi straight to Obi’s house. She was super excited that she was going to spend the night there..she couldn’t wait to see him. Moreover, he called him twice in the taxi but he still didn’t pick. She guessed he was still angry with her.
She alighted from the cab, paid the cab man and headed inside.
She was surprised to see the whole place quiet..nobody was in sight yet the door was open..
Just on the floor, she saw female clothes and pants littered about with a handbag. Maybe one of the guys was making out with his woman.
She minded her business and headed to Obi’s room..but just in front of the door, she was hearing sounds..
“Oh yes..f**k me hard daddy..oh f**k! Yea..that’s it..OMG..YE YE..”
Muna was confused..the voice sounded familiar.
She slowly opened the door and peeped.
She just couldn’t understand what she saw so she walked in fully.
Yes..her eyes weren’t deceiving was Chisom and Obinna..
Chisom was holding the wall with her a** pouted backwards and her precious boyfriend was lashing her from behind.
“JESUS CHRIST! What’s happening here?” She screamed.
The two withdrew immediately.. Chisom looked down in shame while Obinna sat on the bed.
“Chisom you? F***ing my man..why?” Muna screamed as tears welled up her eyes..
“I thought you’re dating Joe who’s Obinna’s friend..I don’t understand.. What’s going on?”
“Please shut up!” Obinna screamed..
“Me?” Muna asked surprised. She was expecting Obinna to apologize.
“Yes..stop making noise. I called you but you refused. Someone who’s available came and gave it to me so why shouting? Abi you think my d**k is meant for only one p***y? Abeg calm down!”
Muna was shocked. She didn’t know what to do or say..she just stormed out of the house in tears.
“I’m not surprised o..girls are like that especially people you call friends. I take anything I see in life. I don’t trust people that’s why I don’t get disappointed..” Mimi said..
Muna had explained everything that happened to her. She couldn’t stop crying.
“Stop crying o..but I partially blame you for what happened”
“But how?”
“Eh na..the guy called you but you refused to answer..Chisom was available and he released him konji on her..”
“But Chisom is supposed to be my friend.. Moreover, I thought he said he loves me..”
Mimi laughed “love ke.. In this generation? Babe calm down o..nothing like that again..just use your head”
“What do I do now?”
“Claim back what is yours. Don’t let that b***h win..she’d happily have Joe and Obinna together. I know her”
“You mean I should go back to Obinna after wat he did? No. I can’t!”
“Okay o..sha do what’s on your mind..” Mimi said
Chisom arrived late that day. Mimi and Muna were however still awake.
“Welcome back b***h..!” Muna said standing up from the bed
Chi ignored her and started moving to her corner but Muna dragged her back
“I’m talking to idiot! Shameless dare f**k my man. For what? Joe d**k no do you? Why going for mine?” Muna screamed
“Please I had a hectic day..I’m not ready for drama so just leave me alone”
This angered Muna the more..”You had a hectic day banging my man? You must be stupid..Chisom I called you a friend but you’ve behaved worse than an enemy!”
“Abeg abeg..hold it. We were never friends.. Lai .Lai.. You keep bagging about Obinna. How good he is on he gives you I decided to see for myself. If truly we were friends, you wouldn’t mind me sharing your man..but I must say, you’re really enjoying o..your guy is hot abeg” Chi laughed
Muna couldn’t take it anymore..she landed a heavy slap on Chi’s right cheek..Chisom retaliated and a fight ensued.
Mimi tried to separate them but couldn’t.. She went out and called for help..Other girls came in and finally separated them..
“I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. Man-snatcher..F
renemy!” Muna screamed.
The next day, Muna went to write her Exam with a bruised face. Although she knew she would write nothing as usual because she didn’t read but she was confident to get an A after a good f**k with the lecturer in charge.
She was heading home with Mimi after the Exam when Juli called their name and they stopped..
“Muna why? Why have u turned out this way?” Juli said
“What do u mean by that?” Muna asked
“See your face..bruised up..I heard hhow you fought Chisom yesterday over a man..she did u turn out this way?”
“Abeg hold it..hold your own..I. Don’t have time for you”
“I warned you. I warned you to flee from Mimi and her gang but you didn’t adhere..”
“Please don’t even mention my name..are u mad? Which one is Mimi and her gang? Don’t anger me o” Mimi said angrily and walked away.
“Muna it’s not too late to change your ways..please..”
Muna only hissed and walked away.
Do you really think Juli is the reason why Muna turned out this way??


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