Classic mistake Episode 8

Story of school life

Episode 7
Juli was bothered about Muna’s change in attitude. She blamed herself for not making use of the little time she had with her back then to drag her out of that room with those devils.
She had known Chisom from home..they attended the same church and were friends..they took jamb together same year but Chisom was fortunate enough to gain admission before her…However, the next year Chisom urged her to retake Jamb and apply for the same school..she did and Chisom helped her a lot because she had known fee people and with God’s grace, Juli’s score and Chisom’s help, she was given admission the next year.
The were in different hostels but that didn’t deter their friendship. They hung out in each others hostel and went to classes together until Mimi arrived.
Mimi arrived the second week and was allocated to Chisom’s room..the three of them became friends before Muna arrived the next week and joined them…
As soon as Mimi became Chi’s roommate, Juli had noticed few changes in her friend and later found out of their evil lesbian act 2days after Muna arrived…
She had talked, preached and advised Chi but all fell on deaf ears..she decided to give them gap.
Now, same thing was happening to Muna again! She wouldn’t allow affliction to rise the second time..
“No! I can’t let it happen again..!!” She said aloud..
“What’s wrong?” Presh her roommate asked.
Then did Juli realise that she had screamed aloud in her thoughts..
“Nothing dear” she sighed and lie on her bed
“Talk to’ve been pale all day..what’s bothering you?” Presh insisted.
Presh is in her final year studying Business Admin. She was like a big sister to Juli and a konk Christian.
“My dear, it’s about my friends..Muna and Chisom”
“So what about them?”
“It’s a long story..” Juli narrated everything to Presh
She sighed “This is serious..with your explanation, this Mimi girl possesses attitudes of a demon..Yes..she has an evil spirit of negatively influencing people around her. She might not know this but it’s true..most people with such traits don’t know they have a bad spirit..”
“So what do you think?”
“Prayers..but before then, do you know Muna’s parents? I’d advise you tell them first..they might have a hold on her..” Presh advised
“Are you sure about this?”
“Try it first.. With God, nothing is impossible.. Let’s kneel down and tell God to take control” Presh said.
The two knelt down and started praying for Muna and Co.
Muna had gone to Obinna’s house to beg him according to Mimi’s advice..She was said to take back her relationship to shame Chisom..
“I’m sorry love..I’m sorry I didn’t come when you needed me and you had to cheat. I take responsibility for that” Muna said apologetically
Obinna was pressing his phone absentmindedly behaving as if she wasn’t even there..
“Obi..I’m sorry nau” She said touching his shoulder
“Please leave me alone..see the way you embarrassed and insulted me that day..” Obi said
“Thats why I’ve come to’s all my fault. Forgive me” She said
“OK..OK..I’ve heard..” He said
“Are you sure?”
“Oya smile for me” She started tickling him and he laughed aloud..
They ended up having sex upon sex till the next morning.
Muna woke up feeling exhausted. Obinna was still sleeping.. She smiled remembering the great sex they had. She was prepared to make it up to him so she quietly stood up to prepare breakfast for him before he’d wake up.
She wore his polo which looked big on her and walked to the kitchen.
She checked for the foodstuffs and saw rice and all ingredients so she decided to make rice for him and his friends.
She bent down to carry pot from the down shelf when she felt a hand smack her ass.
She smiled thinking it was Obi but looking up, she saw Joe smiling mischievously.
“Where you the one that smacked my a**?” She asked bewildered
“Anything wrong with that?” He asked making for the fridge to get cold water
“Are you mad or something?” She asked angrily
“Calm down jare..” He went towards her
“I’ve been admiring you for a while now..kai..I can’t believe Obi is the only one eating this huge food” she said licking his lips staring at her breast..
“You’re mad o..are you not Chisom’s boyfriend? And is Obinna not your friend?” She asked surprised
“Forget that and you can run package lowkey..Chisom is boring on bed coupled with how dry she is, no br***t or a** are the main deal girl..let’s do this..nobody needs to know..I’ll spoil you with everything good..I love you” He said softly
Muna thought in her mind that it was a good opportunity to pay Chisom back for her betrayal..she would also f**k her boyfriend and collect money from him so she nodded in acceptance.
“But nobody should know o” she said
“Haba am not a kid na”he whispered..
“I have it number..I’ll give u a call” he winked
“But let’s do one now na”
“Do what? Don’t u know Obinna and the rest of your friends are around?”she whispered scared
” chill..nobody will see us”he dragged her towards him and made her hold the kitchen cabinet while he raised her polo up which she wasn’t wearing pant..he pulled down his trouser and banged her..
Muna got home that day exhausted..She slept off immediately she touched her bed.
The ringing of her phone woke her up.
It was her Dad! Her heart raced
“Asalam alaikum Daddy”
“Memuna..I want you to come home as early as you can tomorrow morning” He said ignoring her greeting
“Dad am not done with Exams..”
“So when will you be done?’
” Friday..that’s next tomorrow ”
“OK..come home on Saturday.. Unfailingly”he said and the line went dead..
Muna smelt a rat but she couldn’t fathom where it came from..She sighed..
Muna matter don tire me🏃🏃


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