Story of school life

“Please my dear..God knows you’ve tried. But you can’t go beyond your strength before you get killed trying to help someone. Stop trying to help her physically, rather put her in prayers..stay far away from her abeg” Presh said while massaging Juli’s body with aboniki balm.
After Muna and Mimi had beaten her to pulp and ran away, Juli managed to get her phone and called Presh telling her her location and what had happened to her..Presh came few minutes later with the other of their roommate and they took Juli home where she bath and scrubbed away the faeces they had poured on her.
The bruises and marks from the whipping was evident and Presh was massaging it for her.
“What Presh said is true..please stay away from can’t kill yourself trying to help someone who doesn’t want to help herself” Amina their Muslim roommate chipped in.
Juli only sighed in disappointment and pain. She thought she was helping..
“I didn’t know it would get to this..just look at me..see how they flogged me like a mere thief” Juli whipped
“It’s alright..just thankGod you survived to tell the story” Presh said
“In sha Allah, you’ll be fine” Amina said
The results for the first semester examinations came out during the beginning of the second semester.
Juli passed gracefully..Muna and Mimi also passed fairly in the courses they had slept with the lecturers for..
Muna offered 9courses, got 3 B’s, 4 C’s and 2 carryovers..
Mimi also offered 9courses, got 5 B’s 2 C’s 1 E and 1carryover.
“Why did that stupid man give me an F in his course? After all the sex styles I gave him?” Muna screamed impatiently..
She and Mimi had just checked their results in their school portal..
“Calm down..” Mimi said
“Calm down what? This is a f**king 3-unit course! A pre-requisite for that matter! Meaning I have an extra year for failing this’d tell me to calm down because he gave you a C!!” Muna shouted
“If you can’t calm down then do whatever you you think shouting and cursing would solve it?? We have to go and meet him to know the reason he failed you..He gave me a C instead of an A..our initial we both are together in this..” Mimi said
“Oh so confused..having 2 carryovers is bad enough and getting one in a prerequisite course is even worse! Jeez!!” Muna paced about in confusion..
After the fight Muna had with Chisom, Chisom had packed out of the room a week after.
Rumours had it that she now stayed off-campus in a well furnished apartment and also had her own clique of ‘happening babes’ as friends..
A new girl was allocated to their room..Belinda by name, 100lvl student also but in English department. She’s the definition of ‘bookaholic’ who’s barely at home and always in the Library, class or departmental reading class..
“Madam dress up let’s go and meet the man..” Mimi said wearing her trouser.
Muna dressed up hurriedly and they headed to the Man’s office which was located at Faculty of Social Sciences block.
They got there and knocked..
“Come in” they heard his voice from inside so they went in.
The pot-bellied old man saw them and smiled..
“What can I do for you two?” He asked
“What can you do for us? You this wicked man, after f**king us dry you decided to give us any mark that suits you..worse is, you gave me an F! A carryover Mister could you?!” Muna screamed angrily
“Hey young don’t shout in my office. Did you hear me? If you want to behave like an uncultured animal then kindly leave..” The Lecturer thundered..
“What? You ask me to leave your office?” Muna asked wide-eyed
“Wait o..let me understand something..Mr Lecturer, why did you give me a C and gave her an F..when we plainly agreed that if we both spent the weekend with you..we’d get an A?” Mimi asked
“You see..” He cleared his throat..”Plans changed..only the highest bidder gets the item for sell..You girls gave me just your body for marks but someone else gave me her body and huge amount of money to fail you(pointed at Muna) and reduce your mark (pointed at Mimi)”
“And who’s that?” Mimi asked surprised
“Emi is me” Chisom came in at that instance chewing gum..followed by 4 other girls who were lavishly dressed reflecting that they had real money.
Mimi and Muna wondered when and how Chisom got such money to flaunt.
“You mean you gave him instruction to fail me? You this dirty b***h!!” Muna shouted
“It is your mother that is a dirty b***h!” One of the girls fired back..
“Calm down Sisi..I have my way..(turning to the Lecturer)..I must confess that you did well..I saw your handiwork..” Chisom smiled pecking the fat lecturer who also smiled foolishly
“Anything for you sweet girl” he said licking his lips..
“Kai kai kai..Chisom I can’t believe made him reduce my score?” Mimi asked surprisingly..She clearly remembered she had no issues with Chi..
“I told him not to give you an F because of old times sake..but if you keep following this tiny sl*t around, I’d have no choice than to implicate you. I still respect you because you opened my eyes to the goodies of the world” Chisom said
“Babe time no dey..keep conversion for ground..Mamah go dey wait for us now” One of the girls said
“Uhmm..thank you Mister Lecturer..nice doing business with your balance be this..” Chisom dropped a ward of 1000# notes on his was 50k..
“Thank you sweet girl..anytime you want me to do anything for you, just call me..” The Lecturer said smiling.
Chisom and the other girls walked out of the Office leaving Mimi and Muna in a state of serious shock.
“Chisom has bitten more than she can chew. This girl must suffer..WO! We must deal with her” Muna flared up immediately they got into their room.
“Your body too dey gas calm down let’s think of what to do..” Mimi said
Muna sat down thinking hard..
“I have an idea..” Mimi said smiling
“Tell me” Muna said impatiently
“Shebi it’s money? We have to step up in our game to get more money and command more affluence than Chisom”
“Chill..there’s this big guy who’s into hookups..he introduces girls to rich sugar daddies and big politicians..then you give him his own cut..Wealth is what they call him” Mimi said
Muna seemed excited by the news..
“Oya na..what are you waiting him jor..I must teach that overripe pawpaw a bitter lesson..and that foolish goat of a lecturer too” Muna said.


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