Classic mistake Episode 9

Story of school life

Episode 8
by Adindu presh
Muna arrived home that evening meeting the full family..Idris was back from school for end of semester…they’re done with exams.
Ridwan and Sadiat too were around.
She was welcomed and she went to her room to settle down..After their dinner of tuwo and hot delicious draw soup, the others retired to bed but her father asked her to stay behind..Her mum was present too.
“Memuna, how is school?” Her Dad asked
“Fine sir” she replied
“I’ve been hearing reports about your behaviour in school..I chose not to believe because I was confident of the child I raised. But someone came to my office days ago and introduced herself as your friend..she told me about all your recent attitude in school..that is why I called you to come home..I want you to look at me in the eyes Memuna..tell me what am hearing isn’t true” Her dad said
“Dad honestly I don’t understand.. What is it you heard?”
“That you fight over guys..go to club, drink, smoke..all manner of rubbish..” Kiki said
“Ah!!!! What? Me drink and smoke! Go to club and fight over guys?! believed the person” She started crying
“What sort of lie is that? What did I do to that person?” She kept crying
Her parents exchanged puzzled glances..
“Memuna we are not accusing you..just asking you because I am sure of my daughter..that’s what I told the girl” Her dad said
“Wait daddy..what is the name of this girl?”
“Uhmm..what is that her name again?”Mr Jamiu asked looking at his wife..
“Juliana abi Juliann..something like that” Kiki said
“Ehen! I thought as much..I knew it would be none other than her” Muna exclaimed
“How do u mean?” Kiki asked
“See that girl..her boyfriend asked me out but I refused. I told him I won’t have anything to do with him because that’s not why am in school..I don’t know how some people knew and went to tell her..this girl now came to confront me that I want to snatch her boyfriend away from her and she will deal with me in a manner I will cry..I guess this was the best she could think of. To tarnish my image before my parents” Muna said feigning tears.
Jamiu and Kiki sighed in relief
“Alhaji didn’t I tell you? I told you that that girl had something up her daughter cannot behave like that..”
“It’s okay Muna..thank God we confirmed from you and knew she’s lying..” Jamiu said
Her parents apologized and advised her before letting her go to bed.
Muna was fuming in anger as she went into her room. She didn’t believe Juli would go this far as to report her to her parents. What was she thinking?
“She must be stupid..I must deal with her” Muna said..
She picked up her phone to call Mimi but she saw 6missed calls
2 from Obinna and 4 from Joe.
She called Obinna back..he asked when she would be coming back cuz he already missed her..she promised to come back on Monday and they said their ‘love u’ and ‘goodbyes’
She called Joe and they talked for a while with him saying he couldn’t wait for her to come back so he would come to her area the next day which she agreed on..they fixed a time and the hotel and bade each other goodnight.
She tried calling Mimi but didnt have enough airtime again so she just lie down and slept.
The next day, she made an excuse to go and see her friends and went to the hotel at the scheduled time to meet Joe.
“I’ve been waiting for u” Joe said as soon as he got in
“I had to look for an excuse to leave home” She said sitting on the bed
“You’re a big girl now..they shouldn’t restrict your movement anymore jare”
“Maybe you should go and tell them” She laughed..
They got down to business and f***ed three rounds before Muna left for home after Joe had given her 30k..
They would meet the next day which was Monday before they’d both leave for school..
Muna had told her parents they had a presentation to make so she’d be leaving on Monday. They allowed her and gave her money and foodstuffs..
She went to the hotel with her things and she and Joe f**ked before they went to board a cab that would take them to school.
“How would she do that? Kai that girl has grown wings sha” Mimi lamented as Muna explained everything that transpired that weekend between herself and her parents.
“I swear..I need to teach her a good lesson”
“Don’t worry..I have a plan” Mimi smiled..
Muna and Mimi attacked Juli that night on her way back from night reading in a lonely path. They had traced her all through the day and knew all her schedules.
“Hey stop there!!” Mimi screamed as she and Muna jumped out from the bush with long canes..beside them was a bucket of faeces..
Juli stopped and looked at them
“Muna..Mimi..what’s the meaning of these stunt?”
“Why did you report me to my parents? What’s your business with my lifestyle? How does it affect u? Shared on Unique Stories On Whatsapp. Do I know you before? Abi where we friends? If not for school..wetin for join us?” Muna screamed angrily
“I did it for your own good..this girl is influencing you negatively.. You need to change” Juli said
This angered Mimi and she gave her a whip on her head
“I’ve warned you never to mention my name again” she screamed
“Anyways Mrs concern..after we deal with you today, you will learn to mind your business..” Muna said..
They started whipping her with the cane as she screamed for help..they whip her so very well before pouring the bucket of smelling faeces on her (shit o).
Juli cried and screamed for help but none was forthcoming. It was a lonely path.
After executing their plans, they ran away.
Do you think Juli went too far by reporting Muna to her parents??


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