Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Julia visit her friend Martha, she could no longer keep to herself and needed someone to talk to, when Martha saw her, she was so surprised to see her new reflection
“Julia, what happened to you, are you sick” she was examining her body and wondering why she was crying, she made her seat down and without waisting time, she began to question her
“Tell me Julia, is Daniel hitting you”
“No, Martha am really sorry” she cried and Martha didn’t get her
“Tell me please, calm down and tell me everything, why are you sorry”
“I lied to you, am so sorry, please forgive me” she pleaded
“What are you talking about”
“I wasn’t married to Daniel” she said and Martha just laughed
“Oh please Julia’s, you better stop it, am not in the mood for your jokes”
“It true Martha, it was a contract marriage”
“What!, how, i don’t understand” she asked and Julia went ahead and explained everything to her not leaving anything out
“Oh my God, Julia, so you ain’t married and you kept this from me all this while, it been more than a year now since you kept such secret from me, am disappointed in you”
“Am so sorry, we sign not to tell anyone, I needed the money and there was nothing I can do” she said
“You should have asked me, I know I have nothing to offer but at least I will find way”
“I didn’t want to bother you, you’ve done enough already” she said wiping her tears
“Julia, do you love him” she asked and she nodded in response
“Does he know about it”
“No, I kept pushing him away and now he’s been cheating with his secretary, I know it not my business but I feel hurt”
“Calm down Julia, I think we should go treat her fuck up” Martha suggested
“No no no, please I don’t want trouble, let’s not go there, I bring myself so low to fight because of a man” she said
We are not going to fight her, we’ll only sound warnings to her ears”
“I really don’t want trouble”
“Ok fine” she finally agreed
“I should go home now, I’ll talk to you later”
“Ok, let me see you off” Martha said as she followed her out
Julia stood by the road waiting for a cab to take her home, it was getting late and she won’t want Lagos traffic to hit her. A car suddenly packed in front of her and Kate alight from it, Julia saw her and wondered why she stopped in front of her. She was still on her office wears and Julia conclude she was coming back from the office since it was already few minutes pass 5pm
“Hi” she said as she walked to Julia, she ignore and stood staring at her expecting her to say what she want “well, am sure you know me, have been to your house before when I came to deliver a document to Dan”
She said and Julia disgust her, she even call him by name “Yeah I know you, you are his secretary” she said and Kate smile
“Well, I am, but I bet you am more than you think” she said. Julia look at her, she was expecting her to say something, she didn’t want trouble but she wants to get on her nerves and she was ready
“You’re his prostitute I guess” she said and Kate eyes were wide in shock but decided to keep cool, she needs to do what she has to do “did he tell you that, well he also told me that you were his contract wife, and soon, you will leave for the real wife to take over”
“I really have nothing to say to you, it will be so stupid of me to banter words with you”
“When are you leaving, your contract is almost done” she said
“Am not leaving, am staying, am married to him by contract, but I still wears his welding ring, if you would excuse me” she said and got into a cab that stopped in front of them
“What a bitch” Kate hissed and got into her car and drove away
Julia got home and met Daniel watching a football match, he stood up and wanted to hug her but she backed away
“Julia, have been waiting for you, I was worried about you” he said
“Am fine, Daniel, I need to talk to you”
“Ok” he stare at her and wanted to start apologizing to her “Julia I…….
“Daniel, am not in for any discussion, I just want to asked you to tell your so called secretary not show her face to me again, else, am going to do something unthinkable to her” she said
“Kate, she came to you”
“Just tell her, if she wants you to herself, she should wait, I’ll leave soon, then she can move in with you”
“Julia please, why are you bent on leaving”
“It a contract that I signed to leave when am done, and for your information, I don’t need your money”
“Let’s cancel the contract” he said and Julia smile within
“What did you just say?”she asked
“I mean it, let’s cancel it, let’s get married again” he said and she just stare at him and went upstairs