Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
It was already late that day as Martha had gone home while Kenneth had gone to sleep in the guest room. Julia was still in Daniel’s room, she was now feeling ok but needs to go to her room and take her bath. Daniel came in carrying a tray of green tea and a bottle water, he kept it on the table nearby and sat down facing her
“How are you feeling now”
“Fine” she answered staring at him as he took the green tea and stretch it to her
“Here, you’ll need this” he said
“I already had dinner, and you don’t have to do this” she said
“I know, and besides, you still have some drugs to take, so take it”
“I don’t need it” she said and made to stand up but he stopped her
“Where are you going to” he asked
“To my room” she replied
“You can sleep here, so I can watch over you” he said
“I…I… need to take my bath” she said
“Last time I checked, there’s a bathroom here and you won’t want your brother waking up to see you alone in your room” he said and she suddenly felt an headache with what he said
“Daniel, please can we not talk about it”
“It will be cool if we can at least talk about it” he said as he fist the tea to her lips
“I can do that myself” she made to object
“maybe it the only way I can make up for hurting you, so please, allow me” he said and Julia just kept quiet staring at him as she sip the green tea until the mug was empty. He took the drugs and gave it to her with a glass of water “thanks” she said as he kept the drugs on the table
“Julia I need to talk to you about……..”
“It not the right time Daniel”
“I know it not the right time but just listen to me please” he said holding her hands “am sorry Julia” he apologized
“About what?” She asked
“About everything, about Kate”
“No Daniel, I don’t wanna hear it, am not your wife, so it ok if you cheated” she said and stood up forcefully, she know she lied about been ok if he cheated but she wanted to get through everything
“For real, you ok with it, but why do I sense jealousy” he asked and she was taken aback and she turned to face him
“Jealous?, am not jealous Daniel”
“Really” he stood up and stare into her eyes “it written clearly in your eyes Julia, you’re mad at me for having an affair with my secretary, but believe me, it was a mistake”
“Yeah right, a mistake, it not my business” she said and made to go out but he drew her back and did what he had always wanted to do. Julia wasn’t expecting him to kiss her but she welcome it wholeheartedly without thinking twice. Daniel had given her the chance to stop it if she wants to but it seems she was expecting it which gave him hope to go further by pulling her closer as he explore her mouth with kisses that wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. When Julia’s back touch the soft bed, she doesn’t know, she wanted to stop him, she was supposed to be scared been her first time, but something was holding her back as she had no option but to welcome all that was going to befall her
* * *
“Hey pretty, rise and shine, it morning” Daniel pecked Julia’s forehead after dropping a tray of breakfast on the table as she stretched and opened her eyes to behold Daniel smiling down on her. She stare at him critically and shove the surrounding, what happened last night came running into her head and she jumped up noticing she was naked, she covered herself with the blanket feeling nervous
“What’s wrong” he asked seating beside her but she moved back which made him wondering why she was acting up “what, did I do something wrong?” He asked
“Em…I..I…shouldn’t be here” she said
“But you are, I brought you breakfast, you must be hungry” he said and kept the tray beside her “eat up so you can take your drugs” he said
“Daniel what happened last night was a mistake right?, we shouldn’t have done it”
“Mistake?, to you, not to me, it was the best night have ever had” he said
“Yet, after everything, we’ll go our separate ways, the contract Is ending next week” she said and he hissed, stood up and went to his wardrobe and brought out a file as Julia watch him. Daniel took out a document and Julia could see it was their contract and in a second, it torn everything into shreads

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