Episode of action story

Author Omowumi
“Daniel, wha…what are… are you doing” she asked, she felt so happy but wasn’t ready to show it until Daniel prove his love for her
“Look, is this what is holding you back, the contract?, it gone now so we can continue our lives together” he said
“Together?, you don’t fall in love” She said
“Yes, I know I told you I don’t fall in love but believe me, with you everything became different, I love you Julia, I love you very much, am so sorry for taking so long in proving it to you and am ready to do anything to prove it, even if it means having another welding, let’s get married again” he said “Daniel, are you serious” she asked trying not to jump out of her skin
“am positive, so, will you marry me”
“Yes..yes” she said with all happiness, he smiled and hugged her closely
“What about… Kate” she asked immediately he released her from his hug
“She’s nothing to me, I was drunk that night and the other time was a blackmail, I have nothing to do with her believe me”
“I believe you” she said and hugged him
“Let’s have breakfast, we’ll be going to see my dad” he said
“How is he doing, I mean his health” she asked and he smiled
“Eat, I’ll tell you everything” he said and shove a toasted bread in her mouth and also took a bite
“Is he alright” she said
“Yes, my dad was never sick, he’s not a cancer patient” he told her
“What!, what do you mean, you planned it?”
“No I didn’t, he did all of that because I refused to get married, so, let’s go prove to him that we’re married” he said and stood as he removed the blanket from her body
“What are you doing” she yelled
“Stop yelling, your brother is downstairs” he wishpers closing her mouth with one finger
“What are you up to”
“We’re going to take our bath”
“No way” she protests
“Yes way” and before Julia could say anything more, Daniel had lifted her up in bridal style and took her to the bathroom
“Wow, my daughter in law is here” chief Beecroft said as Daniel and Julia got to the family house. Julia went and hug him and aunt Pat “Good afternoon Dad” Daniel said
“Afternoon son, how are you doing”
“Am doing really great, big mommy good afternoon” he said
“Afternoon dear, you guys are right on time, let’s have lunch” she said as she served lunch on the dinning table
“Where’s Grace?” Daniel asked
“She went to see her mom, i prepare this myself, so, let’s enjoy” she said as they settled down on the dinning chairs and she served the meal, they say their prayers and began to eat “so, when should we be expecting them” chief Beecroft asked and they wondered who he was talking about
“Expecting who?” Daniel asked
“My grandkids of course” he said
“Very soon” he said focusing on his meal
“Soon, don’t tell me you guys are still on contract, am not going to take that”
“Dad, if you didn’t play with your health, maybe things would have been different”
“Ok, alright, am sorry, but we already talked about it” he said
“Guess what dad” Daniel said
“You know am not good at guessing”
“Maybe not” aunt Pat cheap in
“Ok, I better say it, my wife and I are going to sun city for our honeymoon” he said and they were surprised
“Honeymoon?” Chief Beecroft asked
“Yes dad, we didn’t get to do that as a newly married couple so we’re doing it now, we leave on Saturday” he said
“Wow that cool, congrats”
“Thanks Dad” they both chorused
* * *
Daniel had been the best husband Julia could ever had, she was happy at the turn of events, their contract had lead them to their destination and they were living happily with him showering her with gifts everyday and all they were waiting for was having their kids anytime soon. They had waited and try often and Daniel was always dissappointed if it turns out negative and she had gave up trying but not until she started feeling feverish for days, she didn’t want to go ahead with another test and making Daniel disappoint so she kept it to herself until Martha came visiting her
“Girl am so happy for you, look how beautiful you now look” she said
“Thanks girl, how is everyone”
“They are fine, what about Ken?”
“He’s in school” she said and began to eat chocolate candy
“Julia when did you start eating chocolate?” She asked
“I just find out that my stomach crave for chocolate, I eat it when I felt nauseous and everything will subside”
“Really?, Julia are you pregnant?” Martha asked………..

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