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“Why do you keep buying both male and female wears” Julia had asked Daniel when he came home and showed her some clothes he bought for their baby, Julia was already due and Daniel hadn’t stop buying things, he had refused her going to check the gender and was buying both sex. She was feeling contractions as she sat on the bed in the bedroom when he came home
“He or she, anyone could come” he said
“We would have found out if you allow me go for a scan” she said relaxing properly on the king sized bed
“No, I disagree, I love surprises” he said
“Oh really, you will be surprised if it turns out to be a he-girl” she said as they both laughed as she took a box out from under the pillow, it was the wrist watch she had bought for him during his birthday but had no chance to present it to him
“What’s that” he asked
“It for you” she said and gave it to her
“Oh my goodness, how did you…this is one of my best collections”
“You like it?” She asked
“Like?, I love it”, thanks a lot, I owe you one” he kissed her lips and took out his own gift. A gold pendant “this will look so good on you” he said
“Honey, I haven’t finish using the one you got recently, they are so beautiful” she said
“Am glad you love it”
“Thanks” she tore opened a chocolate candy and took a bite”
“I told you not to eat that again, give it to me” he said and took it from her
“Come on, why worry, I’ll be fine”
“No, it not good for you and you know that”
“You are too over protective” she stood up
“Where are you going” he asked
“My legs are hitching me, and I think I need to pee, my abdomen is somehow, hurting”
“Really, we should start going to the hospital” he said and she laughed at him “now tell me what’s funny”
“The baby isn’t coming anytime soon” she said and suddenly felt another contraction but this time it was painful “I was wrong, I think it coming soon” she said holding her stomach and Daniel rushed to her
“Calm down, how is it” he asked
“Don’t ask me stupid question, it painful” she yelled at him trying to catch her breath
Daniel quickly grab his car keys and took their bag and helped her out
Chief Beecroft and aunt Pat had left home that night when Daniel called, telling them Julia was in labour, they met Daniel at the reception pacing around
“Daniel, where’s she” aunt Pat asked
“In the labour room, she’s been in there for hours” he lamented
“You don’t have to worry Daniel, she’ll be fine” she assured him “I pray so” he said
“Leave him alone Pat, I was like that when your mom was in labour for you” chief Beecroft said and they laughed
“Thanks Dad” he said and gave him a hug
Doctor Leo came out not long after and walked to the awaiting family
“How is my wife” Daniel asked
“She’s fine” he said with smiles
“And the baby?” Daniel couldn’t wait for the news again “They are fine” he said as they were surprised.”They?” Chief Beecroft asked
“Yes, your wife put to bed a baby boy and a baby girl, congratulations”
“Oh my God, seriously, where’s she I need to see her” Daniel said
“She’s been taken to her private ward 53, you can go see her now”
“Thanks so much friend” chief Beecroft said
“It ok chief, I’ll be in my office to prepare her for discharged” he said
“Really, she’ll be discharged” Daniel asked
“Yes she’s so strong no need to panic”
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“Thanks again” he said
“Wow, they look so cute” aunt Pat said as she lift the babies from their cot. Daniel went ahead and kissed Julia’s forehead as she smiles. “Thank you very much my daughter inlaw, at least now, even if I die, I die a happy man” chief Beecroft said and they laughed let me have my grandkids” he said and took them from Pat
“Baby, did you see that, finally” Daniel told Julia pointing to his dad
“He got what he wants at last” Julia said
“Yeah I did, anyway, my handsome grandson will be called prince and the my granddaughter will be princess”
“Am ok with it” Julia and Daniel chorus and they laughed to it
“Dad I fulfilled your wish, didn’t I” Daniel asked, chief Beecroft just smile
“Yes son, am proud of you, you finally gave me what I want, a beautiful daughter in-law and two lovely grandkids” he said as he hugged him and turned to face Julia “thank you Julia, you are indeed a blessing for showing up in the life of my stubborn son” he said jokingly and they laughed at it
“Big daddy it ok, I should thank you instead” Julia said
“Please it ok, can I take my wife and kids home” Daniel joke and they laughed again………..and the once contract marriage became an happy ever after
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