Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Julia pushed him away, she couldn’t help it seeing how he was staring at her, what was he thinking, he had almost kissed her before she pushed him away
“Am… sorry” he apologized, she ignore him and went upstairs “you can’t even say thank you” he asked but she was already up
Julia was running late for her first lecture on Monday afternoon she hurriedly took her bath and was about putting on her clothes when Daniel knocked on her door, he didn’t go to the office that day and Julia avoided him and stayed in her room till afternoon when she was going for lectures. She put on her clothes and opened the door
“Good morning” she said to him
“Good morning, I was thinking if you are done dressing let me drop you off in school”
“No thanks” she said and wishd it never came out of her mouth
“Am only trying to help, I can even stay till you’re done then bring you back” he said
“I said thank you” she said and bang the door at his face and Daniel was shocked
“So rude, idiot” he murmured and left
“Why won’t he just let me be, arrogant boy” she said as she took her bag and went out
“Are you seeing someone that you don’t want me to come with you” Daniel said to her as she walked downstairs
“Is it any business of yours” she asked
“No, I just don’t want it getting to my dad’s hearing” he said, she hissed and left
Lecture that day was so stressful and Julia regrets for not allowing Daniel come with him, she sat down to rest under a tree waiting for Gina who went to submit assignments to their lecturer
“Hi Julia” Dennis greeted her, he was her classmates and secret admirer
“Hello Dennis” she said
“How was the lectures”
“So stressful, am so tired” she said
“Can we go somewhere, chill and rest” he asked as she stare at him
“Seriously, am waiting for Gina”
“Ok, we can wait for her so we can go”
“Hey guys, what’s going on here” Gina said walking towards them
“Dennis won spend for us today, let’s go chill” Julia said
“Yes oh, what are we waiting for” she said and Dennis laughed as they left the hall together
It was getting late and Julia was not yet back from school, Daniel kept glancing at his wrist watch, he was becoming worried and he wondered why. Maybe, he was been consigned, as his house mate, he called her phone but she wasn’t picking. He began to chart on his phone to keep him busy as he await Julia. Suddenly, a message came on his phone from an unknown number, he opened it and was surprised to see the image on the phone, be became so angry, he tried to deny the fact that it wasn’t his business but couldn’t fathom it. Daniel was pacing around the seating room when Julia came back
“Where are you coming from” he fired at her
“School of cause” she said
“School, by this time of the night?, 9:45?”
“I was tired after lectures and I decide to hanged out with my friends” she said
“Really, do you also call this hangout?” He asked showing her the image on his phone, she was surprised, how did he got that, it was when she was hugging Dennis when he was about going home with Gina
“Where did you get that from” she asked
“It doesn’t matter, what matters is that have you been sleeping with him?”
“It not what you think” she said and suddenly regret, why was she explaining, it not his business anyway
“You were going around with all those touts in your school and telling me it your friend”
“It not your business Daniel, when you go about sleeping with girls did I complain”
“Really, is that what you will say, listen and listen good, you better stay away from that your so-called friend, else”
“Why are you accusing me as if you care, after all we ain’t married legally, you can’t tie me down with your contract”
“What!, now I get it, you are breaking the rules of the contract, as long as you are under my roof, you will abide by my rules and stop been a prostitute” he yelled and Julia landed him a slap and he freeze. She stare at Daniel as he rubbed his cheeks, he was burning in rage and felt like hitting her but he wasn’t brought up that way
“Am…am…sorry” she apologized moving back ward, she wasn’t sure of what he might do to her “Julia, you slapped me” he asked with a bloodshed eyes
“Am so… sorry, I didn’t mean to” she apologized as he just stare at her and went upstairs

Gen gen, Julia don find trouble oh…