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Julia couldn’t sleep the whole night, she kept thinking of how to apologize to Daniel about what happened, it was really rude of her to raise her hands on a man, she remembered the looks on his face, it was of both anger and pain. She had prepared breakfast very early, hopefully, Daniel will eat before going to work. Daniel woke up that morning, he hadn’t been that humiliated in his life but Julia had humiliated him. He never wanted to go to the office but he decides to. He got prepared, took his brifecase and went out of the bedroom
“Good morning” Julia greeted
“Morning” he replied and proceed to go out
“Won’t you have your breakfast”
“I’ll do that when I get to the office” he said and went out and she hissed
“So rude” she wisper
* * *
“Hi girlfriend” Martha greeted Julia, she was ready for school and was having lunch when Martha came to call her
“Am fine, come join me”
“No thanks, where’s your hubby, thought you said he isn’t going to office
“He changed his mind, we had a fight” she said as she drank water and joined her in the sitting room
“Ah ah, why na, what happened”
“I don’t know where he got the picture of yesterday when I hugged Dennis good bye, he confront me and we argued, I ended up slapping him
“What, you slapped your husband?”
“It not my fault, he called me a prostitute”
“And you slapped him, my dear that very rude of you” Martha said
“And it right for him to call me a prostitute”
Julia asked
“I never said that, I mean it wrong to raise hand on your husband, if he was a bad person, he would have beaten you black and blue” Martha explained to her
“He won’t dare try that”
“Na only mouth you get ah beg make we dey go” she ordered as they left the house
Daniel avoided Julia through out that week and she really felt bad and regret because he has also refused eating her food. He was cooking alone on Saturday afternoon when Julia came to the kitchen
“Wow, smells nice, can I help”
“No thanks” he replied, he frying chicken
“Why do you keep avoiding me, I already told you am sorry” she said
“It easy to say, right, I should slap you back”
“Ok, go on, have your pound of flesh” she said closing her eyes expecting him to slap her maybe he will feel ok. Daniel stare at her and shake his head “I wasn’t brought up that way” he said and continue what he was doing she opened her eyes in surprised
“Really, thank God, let me help before you burn the whole house” she said
“You think I can’t cook, you wait and taste this delicacy, don’t help so you won’t spoil everything for me” he said smirking
“Ok, fine am watching” she fold her hands on her chest and watch him cook
Few minutes later, they sat in the kitchen dining and he dished out the food, fried rice and chicken “I just hope I won’t end up in the toilet today” she took a spoon and chew, Daniel wait for her to finish. “wow!, This is really a delicacy, so tasty”
“I told you, you are a learner” he said and began to eat
“Ok I agree, maybe you should start doing the cooking” she said rushing the food
“Am the man, the woman does the cooking”
“No, it doesn’t matter, anybody can do the cooking” she protests
“I don’t agree to that” he sip a glass of water
“Your mom must be a genius”
“Yeah, she taught me how to cook, am the only son and she doesn’t want me to be lazy” he explained
“That really nice of her, you really tried, I love it” she said
“Can I get a peck for that” he asked smiling and she turned to face him
“You want a peck” she asked
“Yes, I’ll really appreciate” he smirked
“Close your eyes ” she said and he obeyed, she took a chicken part and stuck it into his mouth he opened his eyes Immediately
“That’s unfair”
“You want a peck, look at his head, you do the dishes” she said as she was done eating and made to stand up but he went and block her way
“What do you mean by that, I did the cooking, you should do the dishes”
“Did I asked you to cook, busy body”
“But you ate the food” he said
“It doesn’t matter who do the cooking or the dishes, am out of here” she made to walk out but he pulled her back and she landed on his chest. She was shocked as they both stare at each, Daniel couldn’t figure out what was going on with him and why he was certain about Julia, seeing how uncomfortable she was, he quickly released her
“Sorry about that” he said
“It ok..I..I’ll do the dishes” she offered
“Oh” he replied and went without looking back

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