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Author Omowumi
Kenneth had come visiting his sister during weekend and Martha came with him. Daniel was watching a TV show while Julia was upstairs when they arrived
“Good morning brother” Kenneth greeted
“Hey how are you Ken”
“Am fine thank you ”
“Hello Martha” Daniel said
“Hi Dan, where’s Julia” she asked as they settled down
“She’s upstairs, let me go drag her here” he said and made to stand up
“You won’t even dare” Julia said as she walked downstairs and they laughed
“Hey Girl, what a visit” she said and hugged her and his brother “Sister good morning”
“How are you doing Ken”
“Am fine sister, I had nothing to do at home and I went to see aunt Gina and she decide we come play with you” he said
“That’s so thoughtful of you, what should I offer you” she asked
“Anything” said Martha
“When you say anything, that means you will eat everything” she said and they laughed as she went to the kitchen
Later that day, they decide to play a game to while away time, since none of them had something serious to do
“Let’s play cards” Kenneth suggested
“That will be nice” said Daniel
“No, let’s play truth or dare” said Martha
“Silly, am out of that game” Julia protessed
“You are scared right”
“Am in” Daniel and Kenneth said “ok, girls over boys” Daniel suggested and they agree
“Am in” Julia said in anger “bring it on”
“I go first, truth or dare” said Kenneth
“Truth” Martha replied
“Tell me the name of your fiancee”
“Ken” Julia scolded him
“It alright, let him be, it a game, it Nathan”
“Sounds cute right? my turn, tell us your best color” said Martha
“Red” Kenneth said
“That’s the devil’s color” she said and they laughed “as if you’ve seen the devil’s”
“I guess it my turn, I dare you to tell me your age” Daniel said directing the question to Julia and Martha was surprised
“Is that question for your wife”
“It a game” he said
“Am twenty five” Julia cuts in
“Really, way too older than Ken” he said
“He’s a mistake” Julia said
“An ahn na sister, why would you say am a mistake” Kenneth pretend to be angry
“Oh sorry, my bad, I mean you came when mom and dad weren’t expecting you”
“Ok, my turn, Daniel, I dare you to kiss your wife, three minutes” Gina said
“What!,…am out of the game” Julia said and made to stand up
“Oh, running away?, you don’t want to kiss your husband” she said
“Martha, there’s a kid here” she said
“Am not a kid sister, am eighteen”
“You are a big boy jor” Daniel smile, maybe he was expecting this, he had all wanted to kiss Julia ever since she pecked his lips on their welding day “oh no, why will I think such” he thought to himself
“Am going to count, close your eyes Ken and don’t open until I finish counting” she said and Kenneth turned around instead. Julia turned to face Daniel and saw him smirking, she wondered why Martha brought this up and if she refuses she might suspect something
“I will turn oh” Kenneth said
“Don’t” Martha warned “am counting 1….. Daniel was the first to bring his head closer …2… Julia closed her eyes, she doesn’t want to look at him as he placed his lips on hers, it felt so warm, she remain still while he do the kissing until she didn’t know when she responded and began to kiss him back. Something else would have happened if Martha hadn’t stop them
“I finish counting already” she said to them, Julia felt embarrassed but Daniel enjoyed it
“Aunt gist me, what happened”
“Shut up” Julia yelled at him “let’s play something else” she told them
“Ok fine, we play cards” Martha agreed
Julia sat down in the sitting room watching a movie, it was already late and her brother and friend had gone home, she really missed their company since she got into that contract. Her mind drifted to the kiss she had with Daniel she couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed every bit of it, Daniel enjoyed it more than her and she wondered why, “it just a game” she reminds herself, was she already fallen for him, “no, it can’t be possible” she thought. But she feels something about it, her heart was pounding so hard when be brought his lips close to hers, she wished it never stopped but yet felt embarrassed

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