Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Daniel and Jeffrey met at their usual club in town and he told him about the game and the kiss he had with Julia. Jeffrey was the one who brought up the idea of having a contract marriage since he had refused to get married
“So, seriously you kissed her that dip” Jeffrey asked laughing
“Am serious Jeff, it happened like have been expecting it from long ago, her lips are really sweet and incredible, I wish I could taste it again” he said
“Dan, are you in love with her”
“No, that not what am saying, maybe am just in love with her lips” he said pouring himself a drink
“Do you feel something when you were kissing her”
“Like I said, it was as if have been expecting it and it finally happened”
“You’re in love with her” Jeffrey said
“No am not, let’s just drop the issue”
Few months pass by and everything was normal, Daniel was really a friend to Julia, he always made sure she lacks nothing and sometimes, they go out together or go shopping and Julia was growing to like him. They always ended up preparing meal together most especially on weekdays
Chief Beecroft and aunt Pat had invited Daniel and Julia over, it was supposed to be Daniel’s dad and mom’s anniversary and also few days to his birthday, three days to Christmas. Chief Beecroft decide they come spend a week with them and celebrate it In absence of his wife. Julia wasn’t comfortable with it when Daniel told her about it, they’ll have to share same room
“But we can just celebrate it at home”
“Julia, my dad needs me especially now that he’s not well” he tried to convince her
“How about we sharing same room”
“I already told you am not gonna touch you, it just three days, are you doubting me, If I want s*x, I know where to satisfy myself” he said and she suddenly felt nauseous about him been naked with another woman
“You’re so sick, do you have to say that”
“But it the truth, you just like pretending”
“Daniel don’t start, I don’t want to argue with you today” she said
“Just admit it, you like me and you can’t stand me been on top a woman” he said and she cast an angry look at him and went upstairs
Chief Beecroft was so happy to have his son and daughter in law home again, they had planned to act romantic to avoid suspicion. Daniel showed Julia his room. Grace had cleaned it up since it hasn’t been touched since he got married.
After dinner that day, the family sat together to watch movies. Julia sat down with Daniel and he placed her head on his chest. She wanted to remove it but he wisper to her ear to behave herself, she had no choice but to comply
“Daniel” chief Beecroft called
“Yes dad” he answered
“Aren’t you going to celebrate your thirtieth birthday?” He asked and Julia was surprised, she never knew his birth month
“Of cause dad, since it just three days to Christmas, I’ll be celebrating it, am thinking of a big party, but it will be just family”
“Ok, that your choice, you are an adult, if it were when you were still young, your mom and I usually take you out to see places”
“Am too old for that now” he said
“So Julia, when am I expecting them” aunt Pat said but Julia was lost
“Them?” She asked
“Yes, you should be pregnant by now”
“Big mommy please stop, we are just taking our time” Daniel said
“She’s right son, I won’t leave until you show me my grandkids” he said
“And I’ll be glad you won’t have to go, besides, we’ve just been married for eight to nineth months” he said
“Isn’t that enough to get her pregnant” said aunt Pat and Daniel stare at Julia, she wasn’t feeling comfortable
“Dan, I am feeling sleepy” she lied
“Me too, dad, we have to go to bed now, let’s go sweetheart” he said and Julia’s heart skip and she stare at him
“Ok, good night” chief Beecroft said
“Good night Dad” Julia said as Daniel held her waist and led her upstairs. As soon as they get into their room, Julia pushed his hands “what was that for” he asked
“That’s enough” she murmured
“As if you didn’t enjoy it” he said and went into the bathroom. Julia hissed and sat on the couch, she stare at the room, how was she going to spend three nights with Daniel
“Go take a shower* Daniel said as he came out of the bathroom with a towel round his waist and Julia closed her eyes
“Daniel what’s wrong with you” she asked and he laughed and went to the closet to put on his night wears. Julia felt his absence and quickly took her nightie and rushed to the bathroom, she hurriedly had her bath and did all business before coming out, while Daniel was already on the bed operating his system

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