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Author Omowumi
“Where will I sleep” she asked
“The bed is enough to contain the both of us” he said “I’ll take the couch then”
“You will hurt your tiny waist tomorrow morning and big mommy might want to check up on us she always does that while I was still here” he smirked
“Rubbish, listen don’t even try to come near me” she said and climb the bed very far away from him as she faced the other side of the bed and be hissed
“You’re so boring” he said feeling remorseful
Julia woke up the next morning and was shocked to find her head on Daniel’s chest, she wondered how it happened and she tried to stand up only to realize his hand was around her waist
“Only sh**t, how come, she asked herself” she struggled to get up and Daniel woke up
“Hey! what is it, allow me to sleep now” he said rubbing his eyes and opened them
“What happened, how come I slept on your chest” she asked sitting on the bed
“Isn’t it obvious, it was a cold night and you wanted a warm embrace and I happened to be right on time” he explained
“You are such a pervert”
“What is going on here” they heard aunt Pat
“ nothing, it just couple thing”
“Really?” She asked in suspicion
“Yes aunt, good morning” said Julia
“Morning, chief daddy wants you to get dressed, we’ll be going to visit your mom’s grave yard” she said
“Ok, we’ll be out shortly” Daniel assured
“Ok, be waiting” she said and left
“Julia you just got her suspicious”
“If you had stay away from me, she won’t have” she said as she stood up and went into the bathroom. Daniel sigh and went to the closet to pick his clothes. Julia came out of the bathroom and seeing Daniel was not in, she thought he might have gone out
“Thank God” she retorted and was about going to the wardrobe to pick her clothes when Daniel came out and they collide into each other, Julia almost fell down but Daniel was quick to hold her waist, she freeze and stare at him, she was having just a towel around her chest and felt so uncomfortable as he hold her
“You should watch where you’re going to” he said staring at her and not releasing her either. Their eyes locked with each other. Julia could feel her heart pounding, she didn’t know who moved first but Daniel’s lips was just inches away from hers. He stare at her lips and couldn’t help it, he slowly brought his lips to lock hers, she didn’t retaliate, he kissed her so dip and she responded opening her mouth to welcome all the pleasures of his kiss. When Julia’s back touch the bed, she didn’t know, she felt like stopping him but didn’t know what was holding her back, one mind was telling her to go on and she did until Daniel attempt to pull off her towel, she snapped back into her senses and pushed him away, getting up and putting her towel back in place
“What is it” he asked surprisedly
“We…we…sho…. shouldn’t be…be doing this” she said and ran into the closet locking the door behind. She placed her hand on her chest, it was still breathing so fast
“What’s wrong with me, why would I want to let him take advantage of me” she thought “and why am I feeling this way, am I….she suddenly shake it off…..”no way, it can’t be” she put on her dress quickly
* * *
After the visit to the grave, the family had a great time together, Julia followed aunt Pat to go do some shopping, and as they were picking out clothes, aunt Pat caught site of a wrist watch, it was gold in color
“Wow, this is beautiful” she said as she took it out of the glass
“Oh my, it so expensive” Julia admired it
“Too expensive for your husband?”
“En…em.. what did you say” she asked pretending not to hear her
“Daniel’s birthday is just in few days, you should get him a gift, just like this, be loves something like this” she said with smiles.
“Ok” she took the wrist watch and place it in the basket. They got back home and met Daniel watching a football match, he stood up and hugged Julia
“Hope you had a great time, big mommy can be boring sometimes” he said
“Yes..I..I had a great time, she was so fun to be with” she said enduring his hand around her waist as he pecked her forehead
“Tell him dear, he thought we would be bored, but sorry to disappoint you, we had fun, I’ll be upstairs anyway” she said laughing

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