Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
“She’s gone, let go off me” she said and pushed his hand away
“What is it again, why do you keep avoiding me” he didn’t know when he asked and she was taken aback
“Daniel, this was supposed to be a contract, why are you acting this way”
“I don’t know, I really don’t know” he ran his fingers into his hair “maybe you don’t know the kind of effect you have on me”
“Please Daniel, I have no effect on you, we share same room and we are human”
“Are you telling me that, it doesn’t sound like it came from your heart” he said
“I..I will be upstairs” she said and went away
Daniel sat down to rethink, he wondered why he always felt different whenever he’s was with Julia, he had tried his best to take her off his mind but couldn’t, he refused to accept that he was in love with her
“Hi, girlfriend” Martha said over the phone, she was missing her friend and decide to call her “hello Martha, how are you” she asked lying down on the bed
“Am fine you ingrate, you didn’t bother to call me, you didn’t call your brother either”
“Am so sorry Martha, I promise to make it up to you” she assured
“Of cause you will, so tell me, how is your father in-law doing”
“He’s fine, I just wish he would never leave, he’s really a nice person”
“Really, so when are you coming back”
“Tomorrow, be expecting me”
“Ok, bring goodies for me oh” she said
“Ok, bye” she said and cut the call and aunt Pat came in “you’re addicted to walking into someone’s room without knocking” she thought “big mommy good evening” she greeted as she sat up
“How are you doing” she asked and sat down beside her “Am fine”
“Have you packed your bag”
“Yes I did” she said
“Well, just came to wish you farewell, I wish you both will never have to leave”
“Big mommy, we have to, but don’t worry, I’ll always visit” she said
“Ok, and don’t forget your husband birthday, he always take that day special”
“Ok, i have heard you” she said and aunt Pat embrace her
Daniel and Julia went back home the next day and he resumed back to work, Martha and Dennis had came to see Julia at home and also welcome her back
“Hi, Dennis nice to see you again” she said and gave him a side hug .”me too, you’re lucky” he said staring around
“Oh please seat down, am coming” she said and went to the bar and brought them soft drinks and she sat down
“Am serious Julia, you are lucky to have such a caring husband as rich as Daniel” he said sipping his drink as Julia only laughed and wished he knows it was a contract
“We ain’t gossiping, it called gist” she said and they laughed
They chart into the evening, Julia really missed them and had forgot Daniel would be coming home anytime soon, she excuse herself and went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. When they were about leaving she saw them off outside the gate where Dennis packed his car
“You guys really make my day” she said as she hugged Martha
“Won’t you hug me too” Dennis asked
“She’s someone’s wife oh” Martha joked and got into the car
“Jealous, I see” he said and they laughed
“Ok, good night” she said and hugged him
Daniel drove into the estate towards his house when he saw Julia hugging a guy, he became jealous and wished he could punch the living daylight out of him. Dennis got into the car and drove away.
Julia saw Daniel and as he drove in and pack in the garage, she went to welcome him “hey Dan, welcome back” she said and made to take his brifecase from him
“What was that all about” he asked
“What.. what are you talking about” she asked in surprise, she could see how angry he was and wondered why
“Is that how you bring your numerous boyfriends into my house and even hugging them outside in the opening”
“Daniel, why are you so angry, he’s just a friend and classmate, he came with Martha to visit me” she tried to explain
“Big lies, am not buying that” he said and went into the house straight upstairs as Julia followed him into his room
“I don’t see anything wrong with it, I will get married someday, this is not my place” she said and he suddenly flings his brifecase, it hit the floor and she trembled in fear
“I wish you never have to say that, but you did, listen, I don’t want to see any male friend in my house again” he said and she was surprised
“Is this all about you, it also about me, it my life, oh God, why did I even agreed with this contract the first place”
“Money, you want money and you got it, why are you now regretting it” be asked
“You are fusrating me, that’s why, all you do is decide for me as if I owe my life to you, do you think I will stay here forever?, am leaving in six months” she yelled and suddenly wished she could swallow her words back. Daniel sigh heavily, he was falling for her and she was pushing him away, he felt broken to realize she had nothing towards him and that moment, he decides to get rid of every feelings he was having for her
“Fine, six months, as from now on I will never bother you again, you can go ahead with whosoever, once the contract is complete, I’ll pay you your balance so you can leave” he said and went into the bathroom. Julia just stood there speechless and wished she could change back the hands of time, she really likes the way he got jealous anytime he saw her with any guy. She knows he was in love with her but was only trying to be a girl playing hard to get and now he won’t bother her again made her regret all her actions and almost shed tears. She walked to the bathroom door and almost knocked but quickly redraw her hand and went out
Daniel didn’t get to celebrate his birthday and Christmas and Julia had kept her gift to herself since none was ready to admit their feelings to each other