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Author Omowumi
Daniel stood pacing around his office, he couldn’t take Julia off his mind, it was as if the more he tried, the more he kept thinking about her. His day was rough already, as he’s been yelling at his staffs finding everything they do wrong
“What’s the meaning of this” he asked Kate, she had came to deliver a file to him and had made a mistake while typing it
“Oh, so sorry sir, I’ll go amend it immeditely” she said
“How can you be so careless, just look at this, damn!” He hit his table and Kate trembled in fear, she wondered what was wrong with her boss
“Sir…sir, are you ok” she asked and he cast a glare at her
“What do you mean by that”
“Am so sorry sir, but you look disturbed”
“Julia will you get out of my office” he yelled and Kate ran out “oh no, Julia..” he murmur and sat back on his chair. Kate got to her office and couldn’t help the laughter she’s been holding back
“Now it seems clear to me, this is about his wife, well…I think this is my chance” she said and quickly took her phone and called her friend, Gina
“Daniel, are you not going home today” Jeffrey asked him, it was already past 10 and he doesn’t look like he wasn’t ready to
“Ill go when I want to” he said sipping a cup of mac’dowell liquor
“Is this about Julia” he asked and Daniel stare at him
” I wish I never fell in love with her” she said
“But how, is she that good” he asked
“Oh stop it, she just happened to be my kind of girl, ok” he said
“Fine, maybe you should tell her”
“Na, I don’t intend to, am trying to get rid of it, she doesn’t want me”
“How sure are you” Jeffrey asked
“Very sure”
Julia kept gazing at the window expecting to see Daniel, it already 11pm, and he wasn’t back yet. She was scared because he haven’t been that late before. Daniel got home not long after and met Julia waiting for him
“Daniel, where have you been, I called but your phone was off, I was worried” she said
“Am back now, go to sleep” he said slumping down on the couch
“Let me get your food” she said and made to go the kitchen but he stopped her
“Don’t stress yourself, am not hungry”
“But you haven’t eaten anything, please, you have to eat something” she said
“Like I said earlier, am not hungry, and didn’t I say I won’t bother you again but why bother me” he asked and she remain silent so he stood up and went upstairs. Julia watch without saying anything, he had really changed and she wasn’t cool with it
“Hey girl, what’s bubbling” Gina asked her friend as she was busy moving around the house with happiness
“You won’t believe if I tell” she said as she sat down with her
“Maybe I will if you tell me”
“Ok, today I went to deliver a file my boss asked me to type and I made a mistake, do you know what he said” Kate asked
“Just tell me”
“He yelled at me to get out of his office, calling his wife name thinking it was me”
“So?, what does that mean” Gina asked and Kate smile crossing her legs
“That will only mean one thing, he’s having issue with his wife”
“Kate, what’s your business, she’s his wife”
“I Know, I didn’t forget that, now it my turn” she said laughing
“Please Kate, don’t go and add more to what’s on ground, how can you think of ruining your boss marriage”
“Did I say anything of such, oh please if you can’t endure, then watch me” she said
“I just pray this doesn’t back fire on you” she said and Kate glare at her, she hissed and went into the kitchen
Julia was seeing a movie in the sitting room, she was holding a pack of popcorn, the movie seems interesting that she didn’t know when Daniel walked in, it was until he went to the bar to took drink when she heard the sound of the glass mug
“Dan, I didn’t know when you came in” she stood up and walk to the bar, he stare at her and sat down and sip a drink. Julia look at him, he was taking a liquor Daniel, when did you start drinking this much” she asked
“Is it any business of yours” he asked and she felt disappointed
“You have to stop this, it not good for you”
“My future wife will be glad am addicted” he said and pour more into the mug
“Daniel please, am sorry about what I said, I find it so unbelievable, I don’t want to get hurt”
“And that’s the more reason am not bothering you again, so just leave me alone ok” he yelled at her and went upstairs leaving the devastated Julia alone


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