Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Daniel sat on the floor in his room and was drinking himself to stupor, he wanted to drink away all the feelings he had for Julia but couldn’t, the more he tried, the worst it became. Maybe it was because they saw each other every day, he thought. Julia walked in without knocking on the door and Daniel sigh heavily
“Daniel, what are you doing” she asked and wanted to take the bottle from him but he pushed her away and she fell and hurt her wrist “I told you to stay away” he yelled
“Stop this please” she cried holding her wrist, Daniel saw blood drip from it but ignore her “Daniel”
“Get out, I don’t want to see your face again”
“What!, I should leave”
“Do you have ear problem” he asked. His words were ash and she couldn’t take it anymore and she also lashed out
“How can I love someone like you who don’t believe in love, you said it yourself, I can’t just do that and you’ll end up hurting me, it ok, go on and get drunk, I won’t bother you again” she said and went out
“Ah…f*ck* he trow the bottle against the wall. He had never wanted to fall in love, love was hurt, hate, threat and painful, he regret ever getting himself into the contract and again, he realized he didn’t tell Julia about his feelings and had been habouring it alone “it not your fault” he wispers
Lectures at school seems boring to Julia, it was her best subject but didn’t know why it was boring, maybe the lecturer didn’t eat before coming to lecture then. She hissed at every words he said. Martha stare at her friend and wondered what was troubling her and as soon as they were done with the lectures, Julia stood up and went out leaving Martha behind who was running to catch up with her
“Juli wait for me na, where you dey rush go” she asked as she catch up with her. They sat down to rest at the eatery “what is wrong with you Julia” Martha asked
“Nothing, that lecturer seems boring today”
“No, it not about the lectures, it about you, what’s going on, come on tell me, you look dull, is it about your husband?” She asked and Julia was quite, Martha noticed it and smile “I think I got it right” she said
“Look Martha, it nothing to worry about”
“Lies, you are hiding things from me again, are you pregnant, that’s not a problem, or is he hitting you, tell me” she said
“, he’s not, Daniel is not like that, please can we forget about it, am fine”
“It ok, if you don’t want to share with me, but if you want anything from me, just ask me and when you feel like saying something, I’ll always be here to listen”
“Thank you Martha, but am fine”
“Let’s go home, am so tired and needs sleep” she said as they got up and looked
Daniel got back home late in the night, he had hanged out with Jeffrey as usual and as he got home, he met Julia asleep on the couch, he stare at her and made to go upstairs but stop on the track, he went to the dinning table to find his favorite dish beans and plantain, he was hungry and wished to taste it but still, his ego won’t allow him to. He turned to look at her, if he leaves her there, she’ll develop body pain the next morning, he sigh and went to carry her upstairs to her room. He placed her on the bed and cover her with the blanket. She was sleeping so peacefully and couldn’t help the urge to kiss her, so he bend and kissed her forehead, then went out
Julia woke up to the rails of the sun from outside her window, she yawn hungrily because she didn’t eat last night as she was waiting for Daniel and had dozed off on the couch. She opened her eyes and looked around and was surprised to find to find herself on the bed in her room
“How come, I was asleep…on the couch” she thought, she knows only Daniel could have done that, she stood up and went out. Daniel was operating on his system in the sitting room when she got there
“Good morning” she greeted
“Morning” he answered without looking at her “you got back late again last night, I was worried” she said and stare at the dinning table “and you didn’t eat the food I prepared for you” she said
“I wasn’t hungry that was why” he explained
“Really, that’s your new attitude lately”
“Julia, I don’t plan going to work today but if you want to have a long day with this your nagging, i can possibly leave the house for you” he said and she was shocked

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