Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Jeffrey had gone to catch up with a beautiful lady he saw and he got carried away by her beautiful and forgot Daniel will be waiting for him, he luckily got the lady’s contact and went back to join Daniel but was surprised not to find him, his car keys too were not there so he conclude he might have gone home, he prayed in his mind that he should be fine due to the fact that he was drunk
Julia stay awake all through the night, Daniel was not yet back home, she’s been calling him and he refused picking her calls she first thought it was now normal for him to come home late until she checked her phone and find out it was already 1am. She called him again but it was switched off, she became scared and prayed nothing bad has happened to him, she doesn’t have Jeffrey’s number, else, she would have called him to asked the whereabout of Daniel. She took her phone and send a text message to him, probably he might reply when he turn his phone on
Daniel woke up feeling so tired, he stretched out himself opening his eyes and stop on the track when he noticed he wasn’t in his bedroom, he stood up and looked around and was shocked to find Kate, his secretary sleeping beside him both naked under the blanket, He woke her up quickly
“Kate what the hell are you doing here and where am I” he asked
“Good morning” she said rubbing her eye “keep the greetings and answer my question” he yelled angrily
“You are in my house” she said
“What the hell am I doing in your house, I remember I was at the club not in your house” he said
“Well, we came here from the club”
“Can you explain why we are both naked”
“Oh that, we had s*x all through the night, I really enjoyed it but you fustrated me when you kept moaning Julia” she said
“What!, Kate are you insane, are you nut, you women are devil” he yelled as he began to put on his clothes. she just hissed and began to operate her phone. He got dressed and stood up “Where is my phone”
“On the table, I put your phone off, your so called wife kept disturbing the romantic moment with her calls” she said
“Oh my gosh” he took the phone and put it on and was surprised to find 63 missed calls and texts messages, he opened one and read it, Julia was pleading with him to come home or better still, pick her call and tell her if he’s fine “what have you done Kate, you are my secretary” he said and she laughed and got up tying a towel round her chest and walked to him
“You know, have been in love with you all this while but you never noticed, rather you got married to that dumb girl” she tried to touch him but he moved back
“Don’t you dare speak about my wife”
“Really, your wife, oh my God” she laughed
“Kate, I don’t want to see you in my office again, you are fired” he said and made to walk away but she stopped him
“You won’t dare try that”
“What did you just say?” He asked
“I said you won’t dare it”
“Did you realize you’re talking to your boss”
“Indeed, here is my house, not your office”
“You think am joking right, try me”
“Else what?, tell me, you will do nothing now that I know it a contract” she said
“What!, you…
“You don’t know” she sat down crossing her legs “where you that drunk that you told me everything” she asked with a smirk
“Oh my God, how can I be so stupid”
“No, you’re not stupid, you’re been romantic, how about we continue from where we stopped last night” she said as she stood up and made towards him. He stare daggers at her and went out
Kate couldn’t help laughing as she sat on the bed as her thoughts travel back to what happened last night, she felt so happy with herself. She was smiling and didn’t know when Gina walked in
“Kate, why are you this wicked”
“Oh please don’t even start, am not in the mood ok, I got what I want” she said
“You know it very well that he loves his wife yet you went ahead and slept with him, he was drunk and you acted cheap”
“Gina, Gina, don’t get me angry, I beg you, if I acted cheap, it my body not yours, I had a blissful moment last night, don’t come and spoil it for me” she said and went into the bedroom

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