Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
It was Saturday morning, Daniel was seen by the pool side operating on his system, he had a lot of work to do and using his system would be easier for him, he suddenly stopped as his father’s words kept flashing through his mind “I want to see my grandkids before I go” where was he going, he wondered staring into the space
“Dan, here you are, have been looking for you” aunt Pat said as she came to meet him
“Just a little bit busy, why?”
“I want to talk to you” she said seating opposite him. “Hope all is well” he asked
“Yes, it about your dad, and what he’s been asking of you all this while”
“Big mommy please, if it’s about getting a wife, am trying, I can’t just marry any lady”
“I Know, but you are not making plans towards it, that why he’s worried”
“Am working on it” he said focusing on the system, he know for sure she would convince him, he wasn’t ready for marriage, but none of them would hear of that
“You should, you don’t even have any woman in your life, please, do your father’s wish and give him grandchildren”
“Have heard you”
“And?” She asked
“I will do as you have said”
“Ok, do you need anything”
“No, am fine, don’t worry”
“Ok, I’ll be inside the house” she said and left “why won’t they just leave me alone” he murmured in anger
* * *
Kenneth had just got back from school, he looks so exhausted and hungry, he drop his school bag on the only old chair in their room and went straight to the kitchen but found nothing except cassava powder (garri) which his elder sister had kept for him. He didn’t bother to look for sugar because he know there was none as he drank it without complain. Julia and his younger brother Kenneth had lost their parents few years ago. Their father died on his way back from his shop as a carpenter and his wife joined him few months later. The two had been feeding from hand to mouth since then. Julia was a secondary school dropout because there was no money to continue, she decided to do work and since she couldn’t finish, she would sponsor her brother in school with the little money she gets in selling recharge cards and soft drinks. Kenneth finished eating and washed the plates they use to eat that morning. He was busy with his assignments when Julia came back home
“Welcome sister” he greeted
“Thank you, how was school today” she asked seating down on the worn out mattress “It was fine, sister we’ve started paying for our Weac and neco exams”
“Really, so fast, I thought it next term”
“No o, infact, almost all my friends have paid” he said sadly
“Ken, you are not your friends, their parents can afford it but you can’t, am trying my best, and I will make sure you write that exam no matter what it may cost me”
“Maybe I should start Hawking”
“No way, you will never hawk, remember mom doesn’t want it, so, you will not”
“Fine I agree, what are we going to do now, dead line is next week Friday, how are we going to get fourty five thousand before then” he asked
“Ken, God will make a way” she assured. There was a knock on the door and Kenneth went to check who was there and came facing papa Tega, their landlord
“Good evening sir” he greeted
“And what’s so good about the evening”
“Papa Tega, go.. good evening” Julia murmured, she knows what he came for and he was someone who doesn’t joke around on issues consigning money
“Save your greetings to yourself, where’s my money” he yelled
“Oh, you suddenly become, really, didn’t I warned you, I told you if you can’t pay house rent, there are rooms under the bridge, go there and stay”
“Please na papa, we are your children, and you won’t want us living under the bridge”
“Well, I don’t have much to say, I give you till this weekend if I come here on Saturday and you don’t give me my money, you sure know what I can do” he said and went out and Kenneth closed the door
“What are we going to do now, sister, I don’t want to start living under the bridge”
“No we are not going to do that, I need to do something, this man’s threat are not empty”
She sat down lost in thought, thinking of what to do
“Sister is that not provisions”
“You are hungry abi” she asked
“I only drank garri since I came back from school, I should be hungry na”
“Ok, I’ll go prepare something” she took the leather bag and went to the kitchen.

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