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“Jeff you really have no idea what is going on now” Daniel said to Jeffery over the phone. His call came in as soon as he got into his car
“You left and didn’t tell me, I told you I was going to talk to someone” Jeffrey said
“And you didn’t bother to come back, I got so drunk and now am regretting”
“What happened, did you hit someone”
“No, it would have been better if I did, I ended up in bed with my secretary”
“What!, was she at the club”
“I think so, she took me to her house, and I stupidly told her about the contract”
“Oh no, Daniel, why na”
“I was drunk ok, I’ll come over later, I need to go home now, Julia had been so worried and I wonder what she might have done”
“Ok bro, see you later” he said and hang up
Daniel started his car and drove off
Julia had been crying since she woke up and didn’t find Daniel, she called the police but couldn’t call chief Beecroft yet, she won’t want them to suspect anything, she was so scared that she called Martha to come over. Martha tried to calm her down but she won’t hear of it
“Julia, please stop crying, Daniel will be fine” she said caressing her hair
“What if something bad has happened to him, am worried what am I going to tell his dad am really confused” she cried
“Let’s go to the police, reporting is not enough, they need to help…she was still talking when Daniel walked into the house and they both stare at him as Martha sigh
“Thank God, Daniel where have you been, look at what you’ve done to my friend, I just hope it for good” she said as she took her bag and stood up. “Am so sorry Martha”
“You should say that to your wife, Julia take care of yourself ok” she hugged her and left
Daniel stare at Julia, she must have cried so bad as her face had swollen, he felt broken for making her cry and for the fact that he slept with his secretary made him feel more guilty. Julia wiped her tears as she stood up and began to walk upstairs
“Julia, Julia” he went and block her way
“Daniel, get out of my way, please”
“Am sorry, I had a hangover last night”
“Congrats” she made to go again but he blocked her way again and she groaned
“Please, am sorry” he pleaded again
“You have no idea what you made me go through last night and all you could do is come here and tell me you’re sorry, it not gonna work, I need space” she pushed him out of the way and went upstairs
Daniel stood there staring at her until she was out of sight, he went up to his room, he wasn’t going to the office anymore, he wondered what he was going to do if his secretary tell anyone about what she find out. He hit his head angrily and regretting ever going to club getting himself drunk all in the name of trying to get Julia off his mind, he went to the bathroom to take his bath before thinking of solving his riddles
Julia had refused to come out of her room throughout that day and Daniel was tempted to check on her but many times he stopped by her door and couldn’t find the courage to knock, he knows he hurt her so much and to see her cry broke his heart
Towards evening, Julia went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat as she was hungry. She was dishing out Pancakes when Daniel walked in and stood by the door but Julia pretend not to see him
“Am also hungry” he said
“Ok” she murmured and served him some then took hers and went to the dinning table and Daniel followed her
“We should eat together” he said
“But I’ll like to eat alone” she took her pancakes and stood up
“Why are you avoiding me” he asked
“Isn’t that what you want, to avoid you”
“Julia are you still angry with me, please am sorry about yesterday, I wasn’t thinking”
“You weren’t thinking but guess what, it not my business” she said and went upstairs. Daniel kicked the pancake away in anger, he took his car keys and went out
“Guy, hwfa na, wetin happen yesterday, I didn’t hear all you said” Jeffrey asked Daniel, he had gone to his house and insist not going to club and get drunk, he couldn’t afford to get Julia upset again
“I was drunk and that bitch called Kate took advantage of that” he said
“How could she, you need to fire her”
“That’s the point, I wanted to do that since that moment, but I stupidly told her about the contract”
“Holy shit, so what are you going to do now”
“I just hope she tells no one, until I clear up mi mess” he said
“Great, so clubbing?” He offered and Daniel just stare at him
“Am not clubbing, you are a temptation, am going home” he said and Jeffrey laughed at him as he stood up
“See ya later bro, and take care your wife”
“Yeah, I got it” he gave him a friendly hug and left

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