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Author Omowumi
For weeks, Daniel kept coming back home earlier than expected, Julia was surprised about it but she wasn’t going to accept him easily. Kate had decided to keep silent for sometimes, she was taking her time so as her so-called boss won’t suspect her
Daniel was busy in his office with a document when Kate walked in without knocking as usual, Daniel stare at her in annoyance and wished he could put her in her place but there was nothing he could do
“Hi boss” she said smiling as she walked to his table and sat down facing him
“What is it Kate, i remember telling everyone that I’ll be busy for two hours” he asked
“Everyone, not me, how about we go out and have some fun” she said touching his chest but he smacked it off “Kate, am not in the mood for any fun, anything we had is in the past and it a mistake that will never repeat itself, now get out” he said
“Really, I should get out, fine, I think it time your so-called contract wife knows that you’ve been cheating on her” she said and made to go out
“Wait” he called her back, she smiles and turned to face him folding her hands.
“What do you want?” He asked
“Simple, just a peanut for shopping”
“Fine” he took his phone and made a transfer to her account “it done”
“And, I’ll love to have a sweet night with you, just like the other night she said smirking
“Kate, am married, and I love my wife”
“It fake, contract marriage ok, you don’t want me telling anyone, so you must do what I want” she yelled
“Fine, stop yelling” he said regretting ever meeting with her
“Good boy, I’ll text you the address and time” she said and went out. Daniel punch the wall in anger, what kind of mess has he gotten himself into, he thought
Few days later
Julia and Martha were coming out of the lecture hall and talking about the exams they just had, Julia was so happy it was their last exams for the semester and will finally take a break
“Am so happy juli, I can’t wait to see my mom, I missed her so much”
“So you’re planning to leave me abi, now that everything is not working out well” she said and Martha hugged her
“Come on, i will stay one week more because of you” she said and julia scream in happiness “Thanks girl, at least that man won’t bore me” she said
“Are you serious, he’s your husband”
She released her from the hug
“Yeah right, but don’t be surprised, it just two months left, not even upto two months”
She said and Martha was surprised
“Hey girl, what do you mean by that” she asked as realization of what she said hits her and she quickly pretended
“Em.. oh..I mean it nothing, let’s go home”
“Are you sure” she asked
“Yes, I am, let’s go” she said drawing her hand as Martha tagged along
Julia got home and slumped down on a nearby cushion, she almost disclose things to Martha but thank God she was smart enough to convince her. She stood up to go upstairs but a knock came on the door, she went to check who it was and there she saw a mailer, he delivered an envelope to her and left immediately. She was surprised because no mailer had ever brought message to the house before, she couldn’t wait to know the content as she opened it and was surprised to see Daniel and a strange woman, both naked on bed, she could vividly see that he wasn’t drunk nor been forced, she checked more of the pictures and was shocked
“Oh my God, Kate, no…” she trow away the pictures and fell to the floor crying
Daniel came in to see Julia crying, he rushed to her but was welcomed with a resounding slap, Daniel was surprised at her outburst “How dare you Daniel, how dare you” she yelled at him
“What, what have I done this time, Julia?” He asked and she trow the pictures at him
“What!, where did you get this from”
“It doesn’t matter, Daniel, you should have waited for the contract to end before this, Daniel, your secretary” she cried
“I…I can explain this” he knelt down.”you don’t have to, you know what, am going to stay not because of you but for chief daddy but before the two months ends, prepare your divorce papers” she said and went upstairs leaving the confused Daniel. Julia locked herself in her room and cried bitterly, she felt so heartbroken, Daniel had cheated on her. She know it was just a contract but couldn’t stand loosing him after spending a whole blissful year and months with him

Guys what should Julia do about this, suggestions…….

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