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Author Omowumi
“Cancel the contract, I don’t believe him, oh God, why do I have to go through all this, have wasted one year and three months of my life, no” Julia was crying and lamenting to herself in her room. It been four days as she had refused to come out of her room, she refused answering any calls nor go out to eat, she only wakes up take her bath and thinking about Daniel been on bed with his so-called secretary was unbearable
Daniel had become tired of knocking on the door of Julia’s room to open for him but to no avail. He took his car keys and went out of the house and drove to Kate’s house, he doesn’t care anymore if anyone knows about his marriage, he needs to end Kate madness ones and for all without regret “Kate, am really disappointed in you, you have finally ruined their marriage and now he’s still not with you, who loose?” Gina was asking her friend Kate
“I didn’t ruined any marriage ok, I only helped them with their contract, very soon she’ll leave” Kate said
“It not good, you will get married someday(a knock on the door) and you won’t want any girl ruining your marriage” she said and went to check who was knocking.
“She won’t even dare, who knows if it Daniel I’ll get married to” she ssaid. Gina was surprised to see Daniel as he walked in
“Daniel, you finally came, I have missed you so much” Kate said and made to hug him but he pushed her away
“You got what you wanted right, so, what did you gain, why show your face to my wife?, haven’t you done enough?” He asked as Gina stood watching them
“Well, I have you at last”
“In your dreams, I admit it, it was a contract marriage but guess what, I don’t regret it cause she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me” he said and Kate was angry at his outburst
“Ok then, I think it time your dad knows about it” she said and Daniel laughed
“Am not scared of your blackmail anymore, go ahead, tell everyone, I don’t care, just so you know that I will never be yours” Daniel was serious about what he Said and Kate sense that even if she tells his dad, he doesn’t care and she will loose everything
“Emm… Daniel…I…I am sorry, I did it because I love you all this while but you never noticed me”
“Great, I want you to go to my dad and tell him everything, like I said I don’t care, Julia will always be my wife” he said and turned to leave but stopped halfway and faced her “one more thing Kate, if you have any properties left in my company, go get them, a new occupant will take over soon” he said and they were both shocked
“Daniel please” she pleaded
“No need to be sorry, you are fired” he said and went out
“Oh my God, no, this can’t happen to me” Kate slumped down on the couch
“Congrats” Gina Said as she sat down and began to watch a magazine
“What do you mean by that” she asked
“You don’t know?, well, since you are jobless now, I think you would be more useful to the kitchen” she mocked her
“Gina, how could you say such to me”
“Didn’t I warned you, but you never listened, now who loose, you, and also your job, even if you go tell his dad, he doesn’t care so, hope your CV is intact, ready to go job hunt’ she said and left her. Kate felt regret and heartbroken at Gina’s words, she wished she had listen to her, now she lost her job, she knows she had hurt Daniel so bad and if she should plead, he won’t accept, she sat down there crying out her eyes
Martha had been trying to reach her friend but couldn’t, she had refused to pick any of her calls, she was so worried and hope she hadn’t been boring herself because of fallen in love with Daniel, she wanted to go home for the semester break but not without seeing her friend. She got dressed one evening and was about locking her door when Kenneth came
“Good evening sister, thank God I met you”
“Really, is there a problem, you look worried, is Julia alright” she asked in suspicion
“I don’t know oh, I got back from school and couldn’t reach her and I won’t want to just go to her house without informing her, I just hope she’s alright”
“Same here Ken, Julia hasn’t been picking my calls, am actually going to see if everything is ok with her”
“Ok, can j come with you” he asked
“Of cause, let’s go” she locked the door and they both left

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