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Author Omowumi
Daniel stood facing his father and aunt Pat, he was heading home and had vow to break the door if Julia refused to open it, he was driving at speed when his dad’s call came in, he ignore at first but when it becomes persistent, he decides to pick and chief Beecroft told him to come home immediately, he thought Kate has finally fulfilled his wish to tell his dad about the contract but was wrong, Julia had did that herself, she couldn’t bear it anymore and she had to call aunt Pat who in turn told chief Beecroft “Son, I thought I meant something to you” chief Beecroft asked him
“Dad, am sorry, I know I betrayed your trust but am ready to bear all it consequences
“Am so disappointed in you, you’ve been waiting for my dealth all this while but it a surprise am not dying anytime soon” he said and aunt Pat and Daniel were surprised “What do you mean dad” he asked
“Am not having any cancer of the heart, it was all planned out” he said
“Chief why would you want me to tell your son that you have Cancer of the heart whereas you are only getting weak and you need to change the food you eat” doctor Leo asked him as he lay on his bed
“Leo, you just have to do it, I have my reasons” he told him
“And may I know what this reasons are”
“If you had just a son, I mean only child who has achieve everything, but refused to get married, won’t you do something about it”
“Of cause I will” said doctor Leo
“And that’s exactly what am talking about, have decided to do something about it”
“By pretending to be a cancer patient?”
“Yes, if that’s all it will take, let do it”
“well, if that’s what you want, fine, but, how is that going to change him”
“You just have to do your job and tell him I may not last 360 days, he won’t want me dead without seen my grand kids
“Hmm, chief you are cunning, I just hope it a good idea” he said” of cause it is”
“That was all that happened that day, i wasn’t having cancer, those food items he listed out for you were to help my growth “chief daddy, am so surprised, but thank God it was all a plan”
“Dad I am sorry for making you go through all this because of me” Daniel apologized
“It not your fault, I went too far and made you go into a contract, am sorry”
“Chief, how come you planned this and I didn’t know about it” aunt Pat asked
“I told my doctor not to tell anyone, and he didn’t, he did his job well”
“Dad, you played with your health, how can you suggest such thing” Daniel asked
“I had to, I have no option, so you would believe, and I was right you did” he smile
“So that why he refused me flying you to Kenya, he really played along” Daniel said
“He’s my doctor, if any other person is involved, it might not come out as planned”
“Dad, thank God I have you now, you will also see your greatgrand children,( they laughed), anyway, i need to go home now, am really worried about Julia” he said.
“It ok, go settle things with her, and if she refused to listen to you, call me” aunt Pat said. Daniel hugged them both as he stood up and went out. Julia opened her door and came out, she looks so thin and weak as she held the door, staring into the space
The house was quite when Martha and Kenneth got there, they call her name but no response, Martha decide to check upstairs and there she found Julia staring at the space “oh my God Julia” she rushed to her and as if she’s been waiting for her, Martha made to hold her but she passed out immediately “Julia, wake up”
“What’s wrong with her” Kenneth asked as he ran to them and met his sister on the floor, unconscious
“I don’t know oh, she just passed out”
“Sister, sister wake up” Kenneth shake his sister’s lifeless body
“What’s going on here” they heard Daniel’s voice from behind them
“Oh thank God you are here, she just passed out, I don’t know what is wrong with her” Martha said in panic, Daniel felt Julia’s purse and quickly lift her up and began to walk towards his room “what are you doing, we should take her to the hospital”
“Don’t worry, I’ll call the family doctor” he said and they followed him as he placed her on the bed, he took his phone and called doctor Leo to come over to his house and in not less than thirty minutes, doctor Leo arrive as Daniel direct him to the bedroom

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