Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
Doctor Leo ordered them out so he could run some check up on Julia. Daniel insist on staying back but doctor Leo didn’t allow him to stay, so he also went out. Martha was just busy staring daggers at Daniel while Kenneth was really worried about his sister. Daniel saw how tensed he was and he began to calm him down
“Ken, you don’t have to worry, your sister is going to be fine” he assured him
“I bet that” Martha said not looking at him as she went and sat on a nearby couch
“Why do you have to say that, did i do something wrong” Daniel asked
“Isn’t it obvious, look at the woman you called your wife, is that how you married her, she has become a shadow of herself, she looks thin as if she’s not been feeding well” she said
“Not now Martha, we can deal with it later”
Daniel said not wanting any argument
“Yeah right, look, if anything happens to my friend, you’ll be held responsible”
“Why taking it personal, don’t forget it my wife we are talking about”
“She’s your wife and also my best friend”
“Sister please, why the argument, we should pray that my sister should be alright” Kenneth chipped in
“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine ok, and if not” she turned to face Daniel “i won’t let it die down so easily” Martha rant
“You’re taking this far, it not as if I did something to her, I wasn’t there when she passed out” Daniel said
“Really, you think I don’t know, just because I keep my cool does not mean am stupid”
She said and Daniel wondered if she also knows about the contract
“What are you talking about”
“I have no time for that” she said as the doctor came out and Daniel rushed to him “how is she doc” he asked
“She’s fine, just a little bit tired, but, why has she not been feeding well?, From the test I carried out, there’s no food in her system, she needs to eat something now before taking her drugs, secondly, she thinks allot, she’s still young, what is she thinking, you need to look after your wife, is there anything I need to know”” he asked
“It personal, it nothing you can handle, you’ve done enough” Daniel said
“Ok, get her something to eat now, so she can take her drugs”
“Ok, I will, I’ll do that immediately, thanks allot, I appreciate” Daniel shake hands with him and he left “please Martha, Ken, could you look after Julia, let me rush and get something for her to eat” he asked
“Why won’t I look after my friend, just be fast about it” she said and went to his bedroom where Julia was and Kenneth tag along, as Daniel rushed out
“Hey” Martha wispers as she sat beside Julia on the bed
“Sister, what happened to you” Kenneth asked and Julia only shake her head
“Why did you have to risk all this because of him, does he worth it” she asked
“Am hungry” she said avoiding her question
“Sister, are you having a fight with Uncle Daniel, why does everything look so wild” he asked in suspicion
“It just marriage thing, we’ll settle it” she lied, she was so ashamed and won’t want her brother to know about it, he will be disappointed in her for signing a marriage contract because of money, this was the only secret she was going to keep from him
“Hmm, ok oh, anyway Daniel has gone to get you something to eat so you could take your drugs, I can’t believe love can make you starve yourself, me I no fit try am, na craze?” Martha said and they laughed
“How is school Ken?, hope you are coping with the lectures” she asked
“Yes sister, just that some lecturers are too boring, I get bored in most of the lectures”
“Don’t worry, very soon you’ll get used to the environment” she said
“I hope so” he replied as Martha’s phone began to ring but she ignored it
“Won’t you pick your call” Julia asked
“It my mom” she said
“So?, why ignoring your mom’s call”
“She’s been on my neck since we finished from school, she wants me to come home”
“She misses you, why not go home”
“You sure, you’ll be fine, right?”
“Of cause, you’ve done enough, let me do the rest” she said
“Ok, I’ll go pack when I get home and I’ll leave tomorrow morning, am so going to miss you” she frown
“Huhn, I’ll miss you too” she hugged her “are you staying tonight Ken” she asked
“If you permit me” he said and they laughed

Four more episodes……