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Aunt Pat had gone to wake chief Beecroft, he was supposed to be downstairs but she hadn’t seen him, and decide to go check up on him. She knocked on the door but no reply, she was furious and decide to go in. Getting inside she met him still on bed
“Chief daddy good morning sir” she greeted and yet no reply, she went and touch him but he didn’t shake “chief daddy” she shake him but he didn’t move she became alarm. She ran out and Grace was surprised
“Big mommy, what is it, why are you running” she asked
“Where’s my phone”
“That’s it on the table” she said pointing at it and she picked it up and quickly call their family doctor then, called Daniel
Daniel just got to his office because he had gone to attend a board meeting earlier that morning, he was about settling down when Aunt Pat’s call came in
“Hello, big mommy am so sorry I left early without breakfast” he apologized thinking she had called to scold him for skipping breakfast as usual but was shocked when he heard what she just told him, he stood up immediately taking his briefcase and rushed out of the office
“Sir, the documents are ready” Kate said as she was about knocking on the door and she saw her boss hurrying out
“Keep them in my office”
“But sir…” She was about saying
“I said keep them in my office” he yelled and went out and Kate hissed
* * *
“Doctor please tell me, what’s wrong with my dad” he said to the doctor who came out of chief Beecroft room. Doctor Leonard in his late 70’s and he had been their family doctor and also chief Beecroft good friend
“Am so sorry Dan, your dad is in his last stage” he said to the confused Daniel, he stare at Aunt Pat as if expecting answer from her but she was as confused as him
“What do you mean, last stage, I don’t understand doctor” he asked
“Chief had been suffering from cancer of the heart and it has eaten dip” he said as both Daniel and aunt Pat were shocked
“What!, how come I never knew”
“You’ve been away for years and I never know about it until two years ago when it had gotten to a critical stage” he said. Daniel felt like crying, he didn’t want to loose his dad this soon
“We can do something right, let’s take him to Kenya, I have a friend there who is a surgeon, he can help” he said
“Like I said Dan, it has eaten dip, we’ll be risking his life if we carry-out surgery on him, I never know at the early stage, because chief was always busy with business trip and sometimes he won’t come for check up, am so sorry Dan, I wish I could do something” he said
“What are we going to do now, I don’t want chief daddy to die” aunt Pat cried
“Tell me doctor, Is there any remedy”
“All i can do is that I will list out the food he will be taking from now on and drugs so that he will live more than I stated”
“What do you mean, I don’t understand”
“Chief has 360 days or more on earth”
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this, why” he ran his hand through his hair
“Take heart, this is the time you should be strong for him, and make him happy”
“It ok doctor, thank you, can I go see him now” he asked
“Not yet, he should rest for a couple of two to three hours” he said
“Ok, thanks once again”
“It my pleasure, I’ll be on my way now” he said and took his leave
* * *
“Dad” chief Beecroft opened his eyes as he heard the voice of Daniel
“Son” he smiled faintly as he sat on the edge of the bed facing him
“How are you feeling dad”
“Strong, am feeling stronger”
“Why did you hide it from me all this while”
“Am so sorry son, I tried to treat it but only found out when it became critical, but you don’t have to worry, maybe my time is almost near” he said smiling
“It not funny dad, you are going no where, it not yet your time, didn’t you say you want to see your grandkids, you should do that before anything” he said
“Then you should work towards it even if it just to see your bride, it ok for me”
“Dad, am not ready for marriage but, I will do that because of you” he said
“That’s ok for me, am hungry”
“Ok, doc Leo had list out the type of food you will be eating, I’ll go asked them to prepare it for you”
“They should be fast about it” he said and Daniel smile
“I see you are getting better, I’ll be right back” he said and went out

Dedicated to you all🖕

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