CONTRACT MARRIAGE episode 5 Author Omowumi

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“Sister what kept you so long, the headache is getting worst” Kenneth said to Julia when she got back home
“Am so sorry ok, here, take it quick” she gave him the drugs and he took them with a glass of water
“Ah ah, what happened to your kneel”
“It just a minor injury, how much did you say was your Weac and Neco fee” she asked as she brought out the money
“Jesus sister, where did you get that money from, hope you didn’t………”
“Just shut up, you think I stole it, no I didn’t, a car almost ran me over and when I told him my leg hurts, he gave me this fifty thousand to take care of it”
“Really, well it fourty_five thousand naira” he said and she counted the money and gave it to him, he jumped up in Joy
“I told you God will make a way, didn’t I, go pay your Weac fee, I will use this remaining five thousand to buy foodstuffs”
“Sister what about house rent”
“House rent is thirty thousand, but not to worry, I’ll do something before Saturday”
“Hmm, ok oh, well finally I will write Weac/Neco, now I can feel belonged”
“Ken you told me you have headache”
“It has ran away” he said and they both laughed “en en, what about your friend aunt martha” he asked “that one, she traveled to see her family in the village and refused to come back” she said “ok”
Daniel looked through the glass window of his office as he sip a cup of coffee. The morning had been cold and Kate had came and gave him the cup of coffee, he smiled seeing her, he knows she was trying to get his attention but he wasn’t ready for that, he had dismissed her immediately seeing how she was flaunting himself around him “women” he wishpers as he sip his coffee. He kept thinking about the girl he saw last night, she must really be in need of money and he was willing to give, he had figured out something about his dad’s request and he had planned on what to do
“Since my father won’t let me rest, I know what to do” he drank his coffee and sat down on his chair
Julia was about going to her work place where she sells card, she was arranging the cards when she saw Daniel’s buisness card
“Maybe I should call him, the landlord will be here on Saturday, no, he thinks I love money, I won’t call him, but…..if I don’t, papa Tega will chase my brother and I out, am calling” she took her phone and dial the number on the card and he picked at first ring “hello……
Later that day, Daniel left office earlier because he was going to meet with Julia, he knows she was going to call and he asked her to meet him at “FINE DAY” restaurant and he was already running late and as he drove, he prayed she should still be there waiting and God answered his prayer because Julia was seating down alone and enjoying the movie been displayed on the wall TV
“How long have you been waiting” he asked as he took a seat opposite her. Julia stare at the figure, he was really a handsome guy with a muscular body, he still looks good after all the work at the office “when you are satisfied, you let me know” he said and ordered for food and drinks. Julia was short of words realizing she had been admiring a guy she just met
“Emm, I..I am sorry, just that em…”
“It ok, no grudges, eat something” he said and began to eat and Julia joined him
“Why did you invite me here” she asked as soon as she was done eating”
He looked up at her and sigh
“Why not go on by telling me about yourself”
“Why do you want to know about me”
“Reasons best known to me, you want money, isn’t it, and I know that’s what ladies want, money and nothing more, gush”
“What!, What do you take me for, that am here because of money, you have no idea who I am, well, thanks for the food, am leaving” she said and made to stand up
“Am offering you Fifty million, if you will do what am about to say” he said and Julia was shocked, or did she not heard him right
“What did you say” she asked seating back down and he smirked
“I mean it, fifty million, but first tell me about yourself” he said placing his hands on the table looking directly at her
“Well, am not doing this because of the money, but because of my brothers school fees and my landlord who has been tormenting my life” she said boldly
“Wow!, tell me about it”

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