Episodes of love stories

“My brother and I are orphan, we lost our parents at a early age and have been struggling to see him through school, since I couldn’t further my education”
“What about relatives, can’t they help?”
“They all abandoned us because none ever support my parents marriage, I have given up on them, my brother and I are surviving”
“Really, my dad is having health issues, he has if not more than 360 days to live”
“What!” She couldn’t believe her ears, a guy like him will be loosing his father soon
“Am so sorry about that”
“No, you don’t have to, now here is the contract, be my wife for one year and maybe three months” he said and she choked on her drink “why should I do that”
“My dad wants me to get married before he dies, I wish he won’t leave, I really don’t believe in love” he said
“But that isn’t going to be easy” she said and he understands what she meant
“You don’t have to worry, I won’t touch you and we won’t even share same room, we’ll just act to everyone that we are married, and we will have a low key welding, just family and friends”
“And what happens after then”
“We get divorce, and you go your way, I’ll pay you thirty million if you agree and I will pay twenty when it all done”
“This is hard, really hard, what if your dad lives more than you expect?”
“We’ll find a way to get divorced, I’ll pay you sixty, sixty million” he said
“You are tempting me” she thought within her, she’s going to be rich if she accept, she knows it was going to be hard but the money involved made it easy
“Ok, I will do it, one year, three months”
“We’ll meet here tomorrow and sign the contract and I’ll pay thirty million into your account” he said
“Ok, what time” she asked
“6pm, so, may I know your name”
“My name is Julia”
“Call me Daniel, I have to go, let me drop you off” he offered, she nodded and followed him.
Julia got home and met her friend, Martha who was about leaving, she had just got back from the village and came to see her but didn’t find her “Martha” she called as they hugged each other as she stare at her “How are you Julia” she asked
“Am fine, when did you came back, I thought you will never do”
“I came back this afternoon and believe my mom doesn’t want me to come back, until I told her school has resume , so how has life been” she asked as they went into the house and met Kenneth watching football
“Sister welcome” he greeted
“Thank you” they both sat down
“I thought you left” Kenneth asked
“I was about to when she arrived”
“So, what should I offer you”
“Am ok, how is everything” Martha asked
“Everything is fine, just that i….em…I will be… forget it” she said and they both looked at her in surprised
“What are you not telling me” Martha asked
“It nothing, how is everyone in the village”
“They are fine”
“Am so happy you are back, now I have who to talk to” she said as she laughed
* * *
“Hi Dad” Daniel greets his dad as he got home. Chief Beecroft was in the seating room watching the evening news as usual
“Son, you’re back” he said
“Yes dad, how’s your health”
“Great and fine” “where’s big mommy”
“She went to the market to get foodstuffs”
“Ok, dad I want to talk to you” he said thinking if he should let him know or not
“Am listening” he said looking serious
“Dad I….I..I am getting married” he said and chief Beecroft faced him
“Are you serious” he asked
“I can’t be more serious than I am, you see, have been dating this girl for sometime now and I just propose to her, and she said yes”
“Really, finally, congrats, I should meet this lady” chief Beecroft said
“I’ll bring her home tomorrow so you can meet her” he said. “Ok that’s good”
“Hope you are happy now”
“Of cause am happy” he said smiling
Julia never thought she would be meeting Daniel’s dad so soon, after they had sign the contract and he paid thirty million to her account, he took her home to meet his dad and Aunt Pat, they were both happy to see to see her and was welcomed to the family and Daniel was able to convince them about having a low key welding.
“Daniel, do you think this is going to be easy” she asked as he dropped he dropped her in front of her house
“I don’t get you”
“Won’t your families suspect anything, if we don’t share same room”
“About that, we’ll be moving to my new house after the wedding, any more questions” he asked
“No, I get it, bye” she got down and he drove off while she went into the house