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“Seriously Julia, what is all this about, are we now keeping secrets” Martha had asked Julia when she told her to be her maid of honor
“Martha, you just need to understand me, am sorry have kept it from you, please”
“Ok fine have heard you but tell me, are you getting married” she asked
“Yes, am getting married”
“What!” Both Martha and Kenneth exclamed
“Sister, you are getting married, to who”
Julia know they were going to question her and she had prepared suitable lies for them
“I met him on social media and we’ve been dating for sometime now, he’s back in town and he wants us get married”
“Just like that, do you know him that well”
“The important thing is, I love him and we are getting married” she said smiling
“Wonders will never seize to end, am only pretending to believe you”
“Sister, I just hope you are not making any mistake, I can’t afford to loose you”
“Kenneth, you don’t have to worry ok, anyway, it a low-key welding, just family and friends” she told them
“That’s it, why will you agree to that, I just hope it not one of those guys that leaves their wife outside the country and come to Nigeria looking for girls to ruined their lives”
“Not like Daniel, he loves me”
“Daniel, is that his name, hmm, ok oh, wish you good luck” she said and hugged her
“Sister tomorrow is Saturday oh, don’t forget papa Tega” Kenneth said
“I paid him already”
“Really, how, you never told me”
“My husband to be gave me the money, and the foodstuffs I brought”
“He must be nice, when will I meet him”
“Soon….she told him
Daniel and Julia got married few weeks later and they traveled out for their honeymoon. They only went to visit his friends in US and had introduced Julia as his friend. They came back two weeks later and moved to Daniel’s new house where they share different rooms
“So finally, your boss is married, I thought you were going to tell him your feelings” Gina asked her friend, Kate
“You know, I still can’t believe it, I never knew he had a fiancee, until he traveled for honeymoon” Kate said
“So, what are you going to do”
“Keep trying, I really love this guy”
“Kate, he’s married now, you can’t do anything” she said
“I know, but still, I’ll do something” she said
“Don’t go and scatter a marriage oh” she warned her and went out
Daniel had dressed up and ready to go to work, he came downstairs holding his briefcase, Julia was setting breakfast on the dinning table when she saw Daniel and for the fifth time, she admire him
“Good morning” she greeted
“You know you don’t have to do this, am not used to breakfast” he said
“No wonder you are thin, well as from now on, it will change, if you skip breakfast, I will break your head” she joke and he laughed
“Ok fine, let’s see what you’ve got here” he sat down and opened the plates and there his eyes met toasted bread and tea”
“Enjoy your meal” she said and was about going when he call her back
“Where are you going to” he asked
“To do some dishes”
“Aren’t you having breakfast”
“No, don’t worry I’ll do that later” she said and went to the kitchen, as Daniel stare at her big butt and shook his head
“Wow, this is good” he said as he tasted the toasted bread “Julia, this is good”
“Thank me later” she yelled from the kitchen and he laughed
Julia sat down in the sitting room seeing a movie, Daniel had already left for the office and she was alone in the house, she felt bold and missed selling her recharge cards, she took her phone and called her brother who was now staying alone
“Hello, Ken” she said
“Sister good morning, I miss you oh”
“Really, i miss you too, but, don’t worry, you can always come visit me” she told him
“No problem, our exams will be rounding up this week and am writing jamb too”
“Wish you the best of luck, I’ll send some money into your account”
“Thanks sis, how is your husband”
“He’s fine, and gone to work, make sure you read hard ok”
“Yes sis, I will” he said
“Ok bye” she hanged up, she looked around the house thinking of what to do but find none, Daniel has a househelp who only does his job in cleaning and washing then leaves
“Maybe I should start planning on going back to school now that I have the money, but I’ll have to inform Daniel first……”she thought

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