Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
“I didn’t permit you to come in” Daniel told his secretary who came in without knocking
“Am so sorry sir, it skips me”
“What is it” he asked turning back to type on the computer
“I came to ask if you need anything”
“No, I don’t” he said
“What about coffee” she asked and Daniel raised his head to stare at her and for the first time he noticed her dressing. She was putting on a tight long sleeve shirt which she left the chest botton wide opened, and was putting on a tight skirt as usual
“Is there something you want me to do for you, if not, use the door”
“But sir…..
“I see you are tired of working here”
“Am sorry sir” she quickly left the office
“Nonsense, if you need money just say it” he said to himself and resume his work
Daniel just had a shower and came out to his bedroom, he dried his body and hung the towel on the hanger. Julia had served him dinner earlier, it was his favorite and he wondered how she got to know, and she refused to tell him about it. He was applying cream on his body when the door opened and Julia walked in and immediately she saw him, she freeze and turn around. Daniel noticed her actions and laughed gently
“Am…am sorry for coming in without knocking” she apologized
“It ok,.and why turning around, it not as if am naked” he said putting oh his night wears she almost wished he never said that
“Just put on something”
“I did that already” he said and she slowly turn around “you’re funny, why acting as if you haven’t seen something like that before”
“No, have not, just my kid brother and movies” she said and he couldn’t believe how ears. “I’ll pretend to believe that” he said seating on the bed
“Forget it i didn’t came for that”
“So what do you want from your husband”
“Indeed, can I seat” she asked
“Of cause” he said and she sat by the edge of the bed not too far from him
“Emm..have been thinking, since I am always home alone and bored, I have decided to start school and I’ll be having only part-time” she said
“Really, won’t that affect our plans”
“No, it just afternoon lectures, that’s what my friend, Gina is attending”
“Ok, you have no problem, just don’t let anyone know whats going on”
“I Know” she assured
“Ok, and if you need anything, just let me know, ok” he asked
“I will, good night” she said standing up
“Won’t you spend the night with me” he asked jokingly
“You are not serious” she said and went out
Daniel and Jeffrey had hanged out on Friday night, the next day was Saturday and he won’t be going to work, he decides to have fun to the fullest. Jeffrey kept giving him hot drinks and he continues to drink.
“Today I’ll will tell you am the master of fun” Daniel said
“Show me” he sited a lady dancing and gesture to her, she came immediately and Jeffrey stood up leaving him to her
“Guess who I saw yesterday” Gina said to Julia, she was helping her through with her registration since jamb results wasn’t compulsory for part-time student
“Who did you see”
“Your husband and a prostitute” she said, Julia was uninterested in the conversation but decided to act angrily
“What! my husband, no, it can’t be him”
“I already know you won’t believe me, well, next time I’ll be glad to call you, someone I saw with my two eyes, I was there at the club when he took her out” she said. Daniel didn’t sleep home last night and when she asked, he told her he had slept at a friend’s place after hangover
“Maybe she’s a friend”
“Julia open your eyes, you know I never trust this your so called husband”
“Gina it my husband we are talking about”
“Yes, your husband, and you are my friend, I won’t want you getting hurt”
“Please show me the theatre hall”
“Ok madam, I won’t stop telling you, let’s go”
* * *
“Where were you last night” Julia asked Daniel when she got home
“I told you I slept at a friend’s place, why”
“Nothing, Gina told me she saw you with a lady last night, and it seems you spend your night with her” she said and Daniel know he was caught “Well, true, but why can’t your friend mind her own business” he asked
“She would have if you didn’t show her your excapadies, you will make her suspect there’s something going on”
“What do you mean, that I should hide because am with a woman, am an adult”
“No one is denying the fact, am only asking you to be careful or you’ll ruined everything, I don’t care, I’ll still have my money” she suddenly became pissed
“Wait, are you jealous”
“I don’t care if you sleep with thousands of them, but just don’t show it to eyes that will come pestering me later” she yelled at him angrily and went upstairs to her room
“What’s wrong with her” Daniel wondered

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