Episodes of love stories

Author Omowumi
It was Sunday evening, Julia didn’t go to church, and she had avoided Daniel that morning. She didn’t know why but felt angry, they are just getting to third month of their contract marriage and all through, he always remind her of been there for money and she was beginning to get angry about it
She got dressed in a simple short gown in red color, and put on a gold color heels. She was going to visit her father in-law. Daniel had told her to get dressed telling her his father wants to see them. She packed her woman hair into a pony tail and took her gold hand bag then stepped out and went downstairs, she met Daniel already waiting
Daniel noticed her presence and turn to face her, he stood mouth agape staring at her beautiful figure, Julia was indeed a beautiful lady ever since he almost ran her over with his car, but he was blinded, it was only a contract and nothing more, her future husband will be a lucky man to have her, he thought to himself
“Daniel” she yelled his name and snapped out of his thoughts “are you going to continue standing there or I should go back to my room” she asked
“Am sorry, let’s go” he said and she went ahead of him
Chief Beecroft was so happy to see his son and daughter inlaw, they look so happy together only if he had known they agreed to pretend in the car when they got there
“Hello dad” Daniel said as he hugged him
“How are you son”
“Am fine where is big mommy”
“She should be somewhere around the house” he said
“Good evening sir” Julia greeted
“No, call me dad” he said
“Ok, dad” she replied as they took their seats as Grace served them soft drinks
“How have you been dad, how is your health” Julia asked
“Am getting better my dear”
“But your hands are getting wrinkled”
“Oh, it fine, the doctor gave me drugs for that and have been taking it”
“Ok, I should help the doctor” she said and went to seat beside him and she took his hand and began to straighten his fingers. Chief Beecroft stare at his son and smile
“Thank you, I haven’t feel comfortable for sometime now” he said
“Dad, let me go say hi to big mommy” Daniel excused himself and went upstairs
Julia felt so comfortable with chief Beecroft, he was a social and kind man that doesn’t deserve death, she took his other hand and began to message it
“What are your plans” chief Beecroft asked
“ I mean dad” she almost bit her tongue, she pray he doesn’t talk about her and Daniel, but who was she joking with
“Plans for the future, I want to see my grandkids before I go” she suddenly cough
“Are you ok” he asked
“Ye…yes am fine, em I and Daniel are working towards that”
“Then be fast about it I don’t have much time to spend with them”
“I’ll do as you have said” she assured, she knows this was getting serious but she had to play along
“Hey… look at you” that was aunt Pat coming down the stairs with Daniel behind him “how are you my dear”
“Good evening ma, am fine”
“Thank God you came, we made enough food for you, we should have dinner together” she said
“No problem” she said
“So….are you pregnant” she said and both Daniel and Julia were shocked
“Big mommy she’s not pregnant” Daniel broke the sudden silent
“What are you waiting for”
“Big mommy let’s eat am hungry” Daniel said and went to the dinning table
“You are avoiding my questions but no problem, see Julia if he doesn’t do his work, help him out” she said. Julia felt so embarrassed as she stare at Daniel as chief Beecroft laughed at them
“Am sorry about today” Daniel told Julia as he drove back home, she’s been silent since they left his family house
“No need been sorry, I saw it coming”
“Really, but why do you look as if you weren’t expecting it”
“Daniel focus on your driving, am still angry at you” she said in anger
“Am sorry ok, I didn’t meant every word I said” he apologized
“Like you care, please Daniel we are done pretending, I wish one year will end tomorrow” she said
“But you’re wrong” he tissed and she wish she could just strike his face, she was beginning to find him irritating
As soon as Daniel packed his car, Julia hurried out and began to walk into the house, Daniel laughed seeing her reaction, he pretend to go after her, she ran into the house and almost tripped but Daniel was fast to reach out to her holding her waist and preventing her from falling. He paused and stare into her eyes as he felt her heart pounding so hard, and he could feel it……..

Guys are you seeing what am seeing?, love is in the air…..💞💞💞