Episode 10
💍The Ring 💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

💕Shin ah💕
I became really happy when the crowd started yelling kiss.

Don’t blame me if you were in my shoes wouldn’t you be? I kinda like him. No no I love him .

Yea I’ve realized that Chi isn’t someone or a being that is common to be precise I fell for him the very day he came up to me at the stage .

After that first kiss in which he claims to be reading my memory I earned for more earnestly.

I know I’m rude , proud and all , I’m a bitch sometimes but in his sight am just like a teenage girl begging for attention from her parent .

Yea I love him , I do when I say I do .

So this very moment , I really wish he’ll do it . 💎Chi do💎

She seems really happy and all , well kissing her is not really a bad idea , I’ll just use this chance to look into her memory again , at least lemme pretend that’s what am doing .

I’ve gotten to like her a lot, not just as a human but who she is .

I’ve gotten really attracted to her , I’m losing it , maybe this will be the very last time I’ll be kissing her , it’s almost a year now , I think I’ll have to go back before I develop more silly feelings for this human .

I leaned closer to kiss while the screams from the fans increased .

Chi are you really doing this? a tiny thing asked me .

Yes I’m doing this , I replied myself.

What of Kim sun ? A tiny thing asked me again.

Geez Kim sun forgive me , I’ll get back to you soon , I replied myself and leaned closer, she closed her eyes and I did it , I claimed her lips and started reading her memory again .

At least Kim won’t kill me if she finds out .

She wrapped her arms around neck pulling me closer to her . damn she’s really enjoying this .

I continued reading her memory and saw something, I saw something in her pass , wait….

A Ring!! What the….?

I disengaged from her immediately, looking at her in confusion.

What is the heavenly Ring doing with her ? How come I saw it in her memory?, why didn’t I see it the first time I read her memory? What the hell was going, I need an explanation.

Are you okay ? I heard her say and I nodded negatively, she haves a lot of explaining to do .

I climbed down the stage and left immediately not minding the reaction of other humans there .

I’ve been staying in one of the houses she made me buy , but not today I’ll go to hers.

I got to her house and teleported to her room waiting impatiently for her .

She opened the door and came in .

Are you okay ? Did I do anything wrong ? She asked anxiously and I stood up to meet her .

Where is the heavenly Ring ? I asked and her expression changed .

I don’t have an heavenly ring , she replied not looking at me but I already read her thought.

You seems to be forgetting me.

I won’t ask again where is it ?.

Well my grandmother gave that to me and I intend to keep it forever , she replied and sat on her bed .

Wait how did you no about the ring anyways?

I read your memory and I wonder why I didn’t see it in the first time , I replied.

What? You read my memory instead kissing me ? She asked flaring up.

That’s not important to me .

But it’s important to me , she fired back.

Okay see forget that,I pleaded.

I can’t forget it , it means a lot to me and you should know better, she added and left the room .

Well I’ve been putting up with this kind of attitude for almost a year now . 💕Shin ah💕

I went out to my music room , I was really crying.

I mean I couldn’t control myself, I felt really hurt , I felt used .

The feeling of being used by someone you love is terrible, why will he do that to me , I know he knows how I feel for him and yet he used me that way .

I became really furious and started scattering the music room and crying at the same time .

I can’t take it at least not from Chi , I can’t, I just can’t.

I continued scattering and breaking the instruments I play until I felt someone behind me .

I know it’s you Chi , but let me be, I don’t wanna talk to you , I mourned .

I’m sorry if I hurt you that much , I really am believe me , he said coolly .

He was still behind me and I turned to face him .

I’m done believing you , I replied.

OK OK if you want I could do it again,more real this time ,he blurted.

I looked at him for a while..are you feeling pity for me?.

You feel…..

Before I could complete my statement, he claimed my lips in his .


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