Episode 11
💍The Ring 💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

💎Chi do💎
I pulled her closer as I kissed her real good , I held her waist firmly pressing my body against hers.

I wasn’t reading her memory or anything I was just kissing her cos I wanted to not because she even asked.

But surprisedly something happened.

She pulled away from the kiss leaving me shock.

Are you sure you aren’t reading my memory? She suddenly asked.

I am not , I simply replied.

Well then , she said and crashed her lips on mine.

Slowly she pulled me to her room and locked the door , that instant I knew what she really wants.

Shin, I called in between the kiss.

Hu, she muffled.

Are you sure you want this ?I asked.

Yea, like crazy , she added and we landed on her big bed.

She caressed my chest with her hands unbuckling my shirt, she succeeded in doing it and traced my abs to my torso .

Ah shit ! This human wants trouble.

She adjusted properly and sat on my d**k , riding me well.

She did all this while I let her , it’s not as if I don’t want to but the thought of Kim sun clouded my mind.

What if she finds out ? But I seems to be in love with this human tho I haven’t confirmed.

She stopped riding me and leaned on me kissing me all over , my chest ,face , neck just everywhere.

While doing so , she went for my trousers and made to pull it off but I stopped her and she looked at me.

I told you I want this , she said almost pleading.

Em I can’t. I just can’t , I’m sorry , I replied her and I could see the tears forming in her eye but she was holding it from falling.

Slowly she stood up and adjusted her dress before walking to the door.

Hey I’m sorry , I yelled behind her as she was tryna unlock the door but the door refused to unlock.

I don’t no what she will do next , I can’t read her mind , she has finally learned how to block me out .

Open the door ! Open the door you jerk !! She yelled even more loudly tears now falling freely from her eyes .

This is what I hate the most , I really feel pained when she’s hurt , it’s as if I’m passing through torture.

I hate you ! I really hate you so much !! She yelled hitting me .

For the very first time I fell for the wrong being ; a god huh !

You’re such a heart breaker, I really hate you .

I thought..I thought things between us might go well , I thought you’ll be able to accept me for this few month we have spent together but no you still think of me as someone you held to protect .

Protect ? Protect from what exactly? You see I don’t need your protection anymore, I’m telling you here and now that you are free to go back to your more beautiful betrothed , I don’t want to see you ever again , she yelled and opened the door forcefully and slammed it.

I exhaled not knowing what next I should do , you no it’s quite weird that a whole I is confused .

Maybe I should just manage to find the heavenly ring and leave . I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself if I continue seeing her either , I can’t seems to betray Kim sun .

Lemme go back for now and settle myself.


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