Episode 12
💍The Ring 💕
🧍‍♀️His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

. Unknown POV

Chi do went back to heaven to clear his head, he isolated himself from everyone even Kim sun , he needed to think, he needed answers.

Shin ah on her own became more unbearable sacking people as she pleased , acting all bossy in the day and crying her eyes out at night .

Her best friend Lee mi su and her lil sis were the only people she could tolerate.

Things went on like that for days,weeks , months and finally we got to a year.

Chi do seems like he has achieved his aim of self isolation as he returned back to earth, back to shin .

The day she was returning from her concert. 💕Shin ah💕

Things haven’t been quite easy since Chi left .

I regretted letting him go , I regretted ever telling him to go .

I feel remorseful but anger won’t let me .

I just finished my concert I need to drink to clear my throat .

When I was brought home by my manager , I headed straight for my room , I need a shower first.

I opened the door loo and behold I saw someone that looked like Chi do , he was facing the window.

Hey! What the hell are you doing in my room? ;in my house ? I yelled and he didn’t bug .

I picked up my cell I needed to call the security but surprisedly my phone was shut down .

Wait it’s only Chi that can do that , is he the one? I thought and started moving closer to him.

Have you missed me? He suddenly asked .

That is his voice.

Chi….Chi do? I whispered.

And that was when he turned to face me , that instant I almost ran mad with happiness.

How in the world ? I jumped on him immediately holding him tightly as if he was gonna run away if I left him.

He in turn held me tightly and kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t believe it ? I starred deeply into his eyes wondering if he is truly the one .

Chi… I stammered as tears ran down my cheeks.

I heard you turned from bad to worse shin , he said and I couldn’t help it.

Why did you leave me?

Apparently cos you asked me to , he replied losing himself from my grip and walking towards my bed while I followed like a faithful sheep.

You shouldn’t have , I suffered too much cos of you , I said.

Well its good now that you no my value, he replied.

I’ve always known your value, its just that I was too proud to admit it .

I swear that I won’t ever tell you to leave Chi , I missed you so much , you should have come earlier , I rushed my words .

I went towards him and sat on his laps .

I will never let you leave because…. I love you Chi and I can’t do without you .

I starred into his eyes and cupper his face then kissed him lightly.
He smiled at me a little then replied.

Surprisedly I missed you too much huh , it’s funny I did .

I chuckled and he claimed my lips in his .


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