Episode 13
💍The Ring💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories


💎Chi do💎
Em shin , I called breaking the kiss.

Hmm .

Before anything I really need you to tell me where you kept the ring .

Huh the ring? Wait is that why you came back ? For the ring ? No I’m not giving that ring to you , she said getting angry.

I scratched my hair a little .

You see shin I really need that ring , I said coolly .

For what ? So you can become the ruler huh ? She yelled .

Wait how did you no the ring was meant for that ? I asked surprised.

You should have asked why I had the ring , she said .

OK why ?

She stood up and sat at the edge of the bed and folded her hands.

My grandmother gave that ring to me as I said before , she said it’ll save a great purpose cos I’ll be protected by the heavens, I never knew the heavens will specially send down a god to do it , she told me the ring will make a god the ruler of heaven. I never really believed tho but I kept it cos it was the last memorable gift from her which I’m not planning on giving away, she concluded.

She can be stubborn at times , she is really stubborn.

Shin you no I really need that ring , I said in a pleading tone.

No I’m not gonna give it to you Chi , never! She yelled .

But I really need that ring , I said.

Yea that’s why I’m not gonna give it to you , she replied.

Wait you…don’t tell me,

Yes yes I won’t give the ring to you cos if I do you’ll become the ruler and leave me , she shrieked .

Wait so if I don’t get the ring do you think I’ll still stay here , shin I wish I can but can’t, my contract in this human world dies after three years , this is the second year now, if I’m gonna stay with you it will only be for 1 year, I explained.

Then leave everything and stay, I’ve read about gods who do that , it’s possible, she said coolly and sat beside me .

You see being the ruler has been my wish since I was young , you want me to quit being the ruler , what of my betrothed? Seriously I can’t leave Kim we have been through a lot , I said .

But…but you love me, don’t you ?

That doesn’t change anything shin .

No no it does , it changes a lot , she whispered now holding my two hands , this human is trying to talk me into staying with her.

No I can’t, its forbidden for us gods to fall in love with a human, I said freely herself from me .

Shin no matter how big our love is , it still can’t change a thing , I stood up and walked to the window facing it .
Then you can leave without the ring , she husked.

Really ? Okay I’ll get going now , I announced and started walking out .

She ran after me and held me to herself.

I told you never to leave, didn’t I?

Hmm look shin , I turned and faced her holding her both hands and starring into her eyes .

If I tell you to abandon everything here on earth and follow me , will you ? I asked and she gasped and looked at me bemused.


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