Episode 14
💍The Ring 💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

. 💕Shin ah 💕

I flinched and Fred my hands from him…

What the hell….?

I rolled my eyes at him and noticed he was starring keenly at me waiting for my answers , since I’ve been able to bloke him my reading my mind ….at that instant I wished he could read my mind cos I didn’t no what to say.

If I’m able to ask him to leave everything and stay behind with me cos he loved me then I should be able to do the same for him.

I..I was about saying when he cut me off

See shin you can reply me later tomorrow, I’ll give you time to think , so think carefully, he told me and vanished.

I sank my finger into my hair and sat properly on the bed ….Yes I no what I’ll do.. 💎Chi do💎

Okay this is more serious than I thought but I think I need to clear up with Kim sun .

I asked the watch on my wrist to make me appear where Kim sun is and it took me to her.

She was putting on a white gown that flowed all over , she stood akimbo facing the flowers beside the river.

I got close to her and noticed she was in tears, I touched her shoulder and she turned back.

You no we were supposed to get married immediately your return from earth , she said admit tears and I exhaled bitterly.

I know everything Chi you are about to do the unthinkable , she added and I couldn’t stare at her directly.

But we were betrothed, you said you liked me didn’t you? You said I was the most prettiest goddess didn’t you? Now your step brother is gonna be the one marrying me , she concluded.

I’m sorry Kim was the only thing I could say.

You’re free , I’ve noticed your strong feelings , you can go I’ll just marry your step brother okay , she huffed and left.

I closed my eyes lightly and appeared at the location of my parents, I needed them to know I’ll be valuating the rules .

Next day. ★Shin ah★

I woke up with the answers in mind , I was expecting Chi do to come for his answers and I’ve made up my mind on what my answer will be .

I couldn’t eat , I just managed to brush and take my shower , I made it clear that no one was to disturb me .

I waited for hours , why isn’t he here?

I know that he knows I’m waiting why hasn’t he shown up ?

Could it be he isn’t coming back? Conniption gripped me as I bite my fingers nervously.

No he won’t do it! He won’t leave me…

I waited for hours and slept off while waiting.

I felt a cool breeze brushed against my skin , a hand was touching my hair.

I blinked and opened my eyes widely to see Chi do staring at me .

I thought you weren’t coming back, I said nervously almost crying.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, he chipped in smiling and oh I almost fainted .

It was if it was the first seeing him as he became more handsome to me .

I..I wanted to tell you that my answer wil….

He placed his index finger on my lips preventing me from speaking more.

I’m sorry for asking you to make that decision, I’ll stay here with you no matter what your decision will be , he added and I felt tears screaming down my cheeks .

Out of happiness I pulled him into a warn embrace…. I was about to tell you that I’ll follow you anywhere and I’m sorry for waiting this long to reply , I cooed as I cried even more .


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