Episode 15
💍The Ring 💕
His woman
(Final episode)

Episodes of mystery stories

💕Shin ah💕
Things moved fast between us, everyone in Korean knew that my billionaire boyfriend has returned.

My parents came back from Chicago and met him, they liked him instantly;I mean who wouldn’t when his living in money.

I feel Chi sometimes misses heaven , who wouldn’t.

I didn’t like it at all but he try to hide it every time, his wants to be the ruler .

I no what to do .

Hey Chi , I called and smiled at him and he gave me a kiss.

Hi , he replied.

So I want to tell you something, I said .

You know about that ring that will make you the ruler , I’ve decided to give it to you , I said and he looked at me surprised .

I don’t understand you , what Ring?

The ring you asked me to give you , I’ll give it to you .

He chuckled and looked at me . you’re kidding right? I don’t need to become the ruler I’ve let go of that already ,he replied.

I brought out the ring and took his hand in mine , I looked at him and placed it on his palm.

By my calculation you’ll become the ruler after our Christmas here , I’ve stayed with you as your girlfriend for months and I haven’t given you any good thing , but you have given me everything and you left everything for me so now I’m asking you to take this ring, go back marry Kim sun and become what you’ve always wanted to be , I said while he just starred in disbelief.

You mean I should leave you ?he said coolly and it sounded bad in my ear making me wanna cry .

Don’t say it like that I no you’ll always look after me from heaven , this is the first good thing I’m doing for you and it’s also my Christmas gift to you , I hope you’ll take it , I concluded and that’s when I realized I’ve been crying.

He kept on looking at me bedazzled, he couldn’t just believe it even I couldn’t believe it but I think I’ve been too greed , selfish and all .

I pecked his cheek and look at him for long time before I let go of him and went out , I couldn’t take starring him too much I might as well change my mind if I keep on doing it, I ran to a quite place to cry my eyes out , I can’t believe I’m telling him to go . 💎Chi do 💎

I kept looking at the ring in my hand and couldn’t help it but let down tears , am I really gonna leave her ?

Her gift to me ? I held onto the ring for long recalling all our moment together.

Fk the ring , Fk everything I don’t wanna loss her .

I throw the ring away and went in search of her , I saw her crying her eyes out as expected.

I told you to leave , don’t make it to difficult for me Chi please , she pleaded.
I aren’t leaving to anywhere shin , I’m gonna stay with you that’s my reply to everything you said , I announced and she turned with teary eye to look at me .

Really ? You leave everything?

I’ve left everything for a long what I want now is you shin , I said and immediately kissed her wrapping my hands on her waist and she held me returning the kiss.


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