Episode 3
🧍‍♀️His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

💕Shin ah💕
Oh my gosh ! This is a cheque to the central bank of Korean.

Billon’s , gosh I’m already liking this guy.

Let’s go cash it out , I yelled happily and sprang up my feet .

He didn’t say a thing , he just starred , oh gosh if only he knows what he’ll become with this Billon’s he won’t be starring at me like that .

He pulled him by arm and went down stairs , I told him to enter inside my sport car which was parking outside but instead he collected the car keys from me and sat at the driver sit .

What are you doing? Have you drove a car before? I asked in bewilderment.

Nope , he replied amusing me the more .

Then what are you tryna do? Kill me instead of protecting me?, do you even have a driving license?

Nope , he replied checking out the wheels , he seems Happy .

Okay drive and make sure you don’t kill me on the way , I replied and got into the car .

He started the car and reversed like a pro, drove out of the compound making me think that he has actually driven a car before, I mean how on earth did he know how to reserve like that even I find it difficult to reserve always .

I’m being serious, this is the first time I’m driving, he said bringing me out of my thought.

Oh how..

I wanted to ask him how he knew what I was thinking and remembered.

“His a god “

Without direction, he got to the bank real fast and parked carefully.

We got down and he told me to go ahead and cash out the money .

I went with the cheque and cashed out the money , I mean they were looking at me somehow , I no what they are thinking.

“How in the world will someone young like me obtain such amount of money ?”

They shrugged the feeling off cos of my personality, I’m a popular singer everyone knows me.

The bags of money were too much and I signalled Chi do who was putting on a hoodie to cover his face to come carry the money.

He walked up to me and carried everything in one hand , I wanted to faint but held myself, how in the world ? But then again I remembered “his a god”.

He grabbed me with his second hand and we came out of the bank heading towards my car .

People were outside and immediately they saw me, they started taking pictures.

Chi do didn’t seem bothered , he started the car after we had gotten in and drove off to my house.

I really like this human stuff , he said smiling and I almost had a heart attack.

I kept starring as he drive, I starred with my mouth opened.

Maybe you should stop drooling cos you might become heart broken, he said with proudness and I frowned .

We got to my house and he parked carefully, we came down and he starred at the money strangely .

Do whatever you want with them now , if you want more tell me .

What ? It’s yours , you’ll purchase a mansion with this , buy tones of cars , different guards , maids, phones , companies anything you want , I proclaimed.

But I don’t want any of those things you mentioned but I can consider buying stuff like this , he said pointing at my car .

He is already in love with cars .

Maybe you should try car racing, I suggested and he wanted to talk before Pearl’s puppy came running toward me with full speed and he blocked it immediately.

Maybe he thought it was an enemy cos the way the held the puppy he could have killed it , oh poor thing .

No no it’s fine , that’s Pearl’s puppy, I stopped him before he could do anything foolish.

Just then pearl came running towards us with my best friend Lee mi , and Chi do was no longer in hoodie .

Immediately Lee mi saw Chi do she fainted .

Poor thing , who will blame her for fainting cause of his cuteness? I shook my head sadly as I starred at her lying on the floor .


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