Episode 4
💎The Ring💕
🧍‍♀️His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

. 💎Chi do💎

This humans are too funny , I looked at the female human laying on the floor and scoff.

Carry her up stairs , shin ah said and I glared at her.

I’m not your servant human , I’m just here to protect your ass , I replied.

So what are we gonna do next ?

Em lemme call my manager to connect real estate manager to us , we’ll purchase your house and cars immediately, I can’t wait to introduce you to my fans , she giggled happily.

Wait introduce me to your fans as what?I asked cos I already know what she’s thinking, she likes expensive stuff a lot , she wants everyone to envy her , she’s that kind of person and I know she wants to introduce me to everyone as boyfriend or stuff.

Em never mind , she said coolly and smiled before bringing out something that looks like controller , humans call it phone .

She talked to someone and disconnected the call and went up stairs .

I looked at the female human still laying on the floor and bent a bit to touch her fore head .

She became conscious immediately and raised her head to look at me , immediately she saw my face again she fainted .

Oh gosh I hate all this! I left her there and followed shin ah wherever she went to .

She got into something and I followed her into it , what is this ? I asked referring to the thing In which we are in .

This is elevator dumb ass , she replied and concentrated on the stuff phone she was starring at and giggling .

What is it used for ? I asked again and she exhaled obviously getting pissed at my questions.

Hey don’t act like that , if you were to spend a day in the place I leave you’ll surely ask questions okay ?. I said immediately

OK OK it’s used for transportation , it’s actually easy to use and it saves time and energy, better than climbing numerous stairs , she said and I nodded.

But teleporting is actually easier, I said and quickly held her and boom we were already in her room .

Wow you’re sure a god, aren’t you you ?she exclaimed.

And I nodded and sat on her bed , it’s actually comfy to my surprise , I closed and eyes and drifted home .

I saw my betrothed , she was looking real pretty , the prettiest demi god I’ve seen and she was starring at me .

We were both starring at each other .

I miss you , she said in my arms and I kissed her fore head .

I miss you too , I replied and she tightened herself in my arms.

Come back soon alright, don’t fall in love with any human there , she pleaded and I smiled at her .

Never , non can be compared to your beauty, I teased and touched her cheeks and she giggled, our face were drawing near , I wanted to kiss her , no no I almost kissed her but unfortunately this shin ah human woke me up .

What are you doing my Lord ?she asked in mockery.

Who were you about to kiss ? Is it me by any chance? She asked and pouted her lips .

Oh gosh this human is crazy ….


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