Episode 5
💍The Ring 💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

💎Chi do💎
I looked at the human a bit embarrassed, just because I collected memories by kissing her, she thinks I’m gonna do it again.

I starred at her and she was blinking her eyes waiting for me to say something.

Of cause , I huff and got of the bed .

Aren’t we gonna be doing the thing you talked about?.

Yea of cause , I came to call you but I saw you pouting your lips , she smirked.

Whatever I replied and went to the window side .

Let’s go , I heard the house we are gonna buy for you is really beautiful and at the same time expensive but the money is more than enough, she said happily .

OK cool let’s go , I replied and started walking out of the door but she held me .

What? I asked and she blinked her eyes severally .

Aren’t you gonna do that thing you do , I really love it .

You mean teleporting? Of cause not , I’m gonna take that wheel you call car, I love that stuff.

OK she replied a bit unhappy, so she wants me to be teleporting her anywhere she goes to ? She’s funny .

Hey wait up , I yelled after her cos she has gone far already.

Such Arrogance’s .

I got down with her through the elevator thing, we saw her friend Lee mi or whatever.

She’s just waking up from her stupid sleep .

I quickly put on my hoodie to avoid what happened before .

I got into the same car I drove her with to the bank and started it .

Oh I love this stuff a lot .

Minutes later

We were at the place I drove to , well I don’t need direction , I just drive to wherever my mind tells me to and that’s it .

We got down and the gate opened wide .

A male human told us to get into the car back cause we can’t go by leg .

I thought we were already there ? Shin ah questioned.

Yea this is the gate but you’ll have to drive in , he replied and we got into the car back and drove into the gate .

I halted the car when I saw other male human there waving at us .

This must be the agent, shin ah said happily and got down .

I got down too but didn’t go with her to talk to them , I simply stayed beside the car but that didn’t mean I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Is he the one purchasing the house? The first male asked pointing at me and shin nodded .

Then why isn’t he with us ? How is he gonna hear what we are saying ? The second male asked .

Don’t worry he is hearing every damn thing we are discussing, so stay focused and talk , shin yelled at them .

After what they said , they started going into the inner chamber of the house and I followed slowly.

I noticed some movements near the other side of the house.

I heard a faint sound and turned to see a small needle called bullet by the humans coming towards me and I quickly held the bullet .

I heard a loud scream inside the inner chamber where shin ah has followed the men to , I immediately appeared where they are .

Shin ah was sitting on the floor with the two males she had gone into the house with, they were all shivering.

I saw men dressed in black with their guns .

Hey knee down ! Aren’t you scared of losing your life ? One of them husked .

I simply smiled at him and he chuckled .

Seems like today is your death day , one of em added and pulled the pistol at me.

But I held the bullet and sent it back to that one that shot it , and they ran away dropping their guns on the floor even the two males with shin ah ran away leaving just shin ah and I starring at each other.


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