Episode 6
💍The Ring

Episodes of mystery stories

His woman
. 💕Shin ah💕

I looked at him in bewilderment , what’s he doing? I mean what did he just do ?I thought while starring at him .

Hello hey human! I heard and realized I’ve been starring at him .

What? what ? I replied feeling nervous .

Are you okay? Are you still here? .

What do you mean are my here ? If I’m not here where could I possibly be? I fired .

You look lost human , I’ve been calling you for a while or are you busy drooling at me ? I told you to stop you’ll get heartbroken in the end , he said earning a scoff from me.

I wanted to reply him but my phone started ringing , I brought it out from my purse and looked at the screen it’s my manager calling me.

I picked it up immediately.

Hey what’s happening? .

Ma’am you have a meeting with the agency that will sign you in newly , I’ve been waiting for you for a while now , he said and I yelled.

What why didn’t you remind me earlier?.

I sent you a text message earlier ma’am, he replied .

Shut up !! I’ll be there .

I looked at Chi do and he was looking at me suspiciously.

What what ? .

He signed and started going out but I held him .

Chi can you take me home this instant I have an urgent stuff to do ?.

You mean teleporting? OK I see you’re for real , he said and held me and I blinked my eyes, I realized I was at the agency .

What I said home not here, I need to go with my manager, I shrieked inaudibly.

I figured out you need to be here more ,I did a good favour for you , he replied.

OK what about my manager? Who will brief me on our discussion? I asked.

I will ,he replied and a document appeared in his hand and I gasped .

How did you do that? .

I told you I’m a god ,didn’t I?he replied with a smirk and I scoffed at his outburst.

Whatever! I said and adjusted my dress properly before walking in to the office for the discussion, he followed me in with his hoodie and we sat facing two ladies with a man .

Oh I know all of em , the owner of the organization that will sign me in today , his secretary and the other his daughter.

I left my formal agency cos they want me to do everything according to their arrangement but I’m not ready to be ordered about so I left , not that I’m losing anything anyways they loss not me .

Who is he ? The man’s daughter asked , and why is he covering his face , she added .

No one of your concern, I replied and she looked at me feeling annoyed but I care less , she’s also a singer but she isn’t as popular as I am so she shouldn’t disrespect me , i thought .

Your documents, the secretary said and he handed it to her .

She opened it and whispered something into the man’s ear and he nodded.

Congregations, you are now a member of the AIM organization, he said with smiles.

Yea I should be saying that to you man , you’ll earn more than ever , I replied and the girl scoffed .

What’s this brat deal? I thought.

I looked at Chi do and a thought popped into my head .

You want to know who he is right? Well his my boyfriend okay, I said full of pride and she chuckled .

I bet he is real ugly that’s why he is wearing a hoodie, she said and that was what exactly I wanted to hear from her.

Chi do can you kindly remove your hoodie ? I asked and he stood up .

Stop being ridiculous, he said and started walking out but I held me real tight and she that brat started laughing.
I felt so annoyed, I went for the hoodie and pulled it off immediately, he turned forcefully and they saw his face but he immediately pulled the hoodie back and went out towards the elevator, he opened it and entered and I entered with him.

How long are you gonna keep on wearing that hoodie huh! I shrieked pissed at his behaviour.

Don’t You ever use me for your personal and selfish gain , he said and his eyes turned purple.

What..what did i do wrong ? I stammered .

He faced me properly and I couldn’t move , I was scared already, why is he angry?.

He leaned closer to me and I held my breath , I just couldn’t breath any longer as i starred at him …..


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