Episode 7
💍The Ring 💕
His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

💎Chi do 💎
This human ! How dare she try to use me for her game ?.

Hey listen up human I’m only here on order to protect you , you aren’t allowed to do as you please I’m not your play thing okay? I said coolly almost leaning on her .

She didn’t reply , all she did was to stare at me wondering why I was acting like this .

The elevator door opened and people where starring at us and clicking light on us .

The way I was leaning you could think I was kissing her so I understand everything.

I suddenly smiled at her as she kept starring without blinking, I held her by the arm and she didn’t resist and pulled her outta there .

We got outside the building before she realized herself and freed herself from me .

What? what? What did I do wrong? Weren’t you the one that first said that you’re my boyfriend? She yelled .

But you know that’s not true , you’re tryna take advantage of that huh !?.

So what if I ? I’m I not allowed to? For as long as I’m concerned you’ll have to act as my boyfriend period, she yelled even more attracting other human attention.

The female human she was arguing with or tryna show me off to appeared and shin held my arm tightly winking her eyes repeatedly at the female human.

The female human stood starring at us obviously jealous, I know she just managed to catch a glimpse of me within a short period but she did anyways.

Let’s go Chi , shin said seductively and pulled me with her while the girl watched.

The girl muttered something I heard but I know shin didn’t.

“I’ll get you bitch” that word I heard clearly .

Huh what’s my manager doing here ? Shin asked starring a black van .

I called him , I replied her.

But how??? Oh never mind you are a god anyways, she said .

The door of the van opened and a human male came out followed by another male .

They both rushed towards us .

I waited long for you at your place but someone sent a text telling me that you’re already here , so I came here .How did the meeting go ? The first male human which is her manager or what said .

Well the meeting went well , I need you to take me home now , she commanded.

But..but without the document how come? He asked again.

I said I need you to take me home , she yelled and he ran to open the van for her and she got in while I just watched her rude attitude.

Aren’t you coming with me or are you gonna do your thing , if yes take me with you , she said and I got into the van , the second male went for the wheels and started it while the other got into the front .

Suddenly shin started laughing, I read her mind and immediately knew why .

Oh gosh I love the look of Sasha’s face , oh it’s interesting don’t you agree ?she asked amidst laughter and I ignored her .

Her attitude is something else , I don’t know why it had to be her of all humans and it doesn’t look like she needs protection anyways .

She kept on laughing while leaning on me and the two males at the front kept watching us wondering why she was laughing and why she is leaning on me .
I quickly pulled myself away from her and she moved closer and leaned on me , I moved again and she moved closer till I couldn’t anymore and due to the two males watching us I couldn’t disappear from her side so I just let her lean on me .

She stopped laughing after a while and I noticed she fell asleep.

The car stopped suddenly and she wanted to fall off and I quickly held her , her hair moved away from her face a little and for a second or minutes I starred at me , I don’t know why tho but I did , I just did …..


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