Episode 9
💍The Ring💕
🧍‍♀️His woman

Episodes of mystery stories

Nt:you must read the song to understand what shin is actually saying.
Few months later 💲 UnknownPOV💲

Days went by real fast , Chi do was to protect shin ah for the maximum of three years.

Shin ah made Chi do buy more houses , cars and companies.

Chi do became well known all over Korean and eventually became the third richest billionaire but you know shin ah , she continued making him ask for cheques and now Chi do is the richest in Korean .

Even tho he’s always on hoodie and mask , everyone knew him as shin ah’s boyfriend.

Few that have seen him testified that his quite handsome .

Shin ah been the proud rude girl she is , she only associate with rich blessedness people, her fame grow up in ten fold .

She was Korea’s best k-pop singer and she changes management when ever she wants .

Her parents who were on a business trip became real proud of their daughter.

Pearl is really happy to have a brother in law so handsome and rich .

Yea brother in law , she believes they were gonna get married cos they are always together.

Lee mi su , shin’s friend have managed to overcome her habits of fainting when ever she sees Chi .

And today shin will be performing her latest song .

Fans have gathered at where the concert will be taking place expecting shin to come outside, but today seems very special as more people who were not lover of music were found at the concert because shin announced on social media that she will be introducing her boyfriend today who was the richest man in Korean . Now tell me . who will want to miss that opportunity for an reason .

At the concert. Fans were sitted all over chatting in various group and mourning to their self .

The SWAT were doing their duties in making sure that everything was in order .

Few minutes later an announcement came , shin ah was ready to climb the podium .

Few adverts took place and shin ah finally stepped in .

Screams and shout were heard all over as the fans screamed out there lungs .

Shin did a slight bow and took the mic ready to sing and dance with her crew.

After a little greeting she commenced her latest single.

🎤 I saw his eyes blooming like mountain daisies.

🎤 And his lips so enticing and pink , I felt so gloomy when I couldn’t kiss it.

🎤I yearn for love every minute …saranghaeyo I say to the winds , I love you my echoes came to me .

🎤you’re really a god I can’t lie , you already placed yourself in my heart when you walked up to me on the stage, you also walked into my heart and stayed.

🎤 the moment I looked in your eyes I saw a place I wanna be , so neat and beautiful like heaven has come to me .

🎤 Fame can’t be compared to being with you , it’ll fade one day but you’ll be in my heart .


When she dropped the mic everywhere went boom , fans and other people who came mostly to see the richest man in Korean screamed out there lungs cos they have been quite since shin took the mic.

Shin did a little bow again and smiled proudly.


Could be heard as people wanted badly to see Chi .

Suddenly SWAT entered making way for Chi to pass through, at least that was what shin wanted.

He was on mask so people weren’t fainting and all that .

He walked to the podium and went to stand where shin was .

His life have been controlled all this while by shin , she always threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t do she says .

Shin ah whispered into his ears to behave like a real boyfriend and he went ahead and pecked her cheeks .

She was a bit annoyed that he pecked her cheeks instead of lips but had to hide it cos paparazzi were all over taking shot of the moment .

And surprisingly but not surprising Chi took off his facial mask and hoodie .

People screamed as they started fainting, paparazzi increased their shot , I mean this was the richest guy in Korean.

They have all been dying to see his face and all.

People that managed not to faint , especially the guys took pictures of them .

Then someone shouted .


Soon everyone was shouting kiss and shin looked at Chi , one can tell she was really happy.

Now it’s left for Chi , will he kiss her ??.


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