Hear My Story Episode 13

Episodes of lifestyle


I sent a message to Bode immediately Mrs Williams left my
room, informing him about d pregnancy. I expected his reply throughout d night,but he didn’t.

D next day was Sunday. I didn’t feel like going to church. I was too ashamed to see anybody’s face, though no one knew about it yet, besides The Williams. I imagined what would happen when d news went viral among church members dt i was carrying Bode’s baby….having denied dt i was in a relationship with him earlier..

Oh my God! How did i find myself in ds mess?.
Then i thought of my dad.
Eeeeh!.My dad!!.
He trusted me so much.
I was his pride,his angel, d apple of his eyes.
How would he take it?.
I have disappointed him.
And my two elder sisters.
None of them had a child before marriage, even Sis Tiwa was still trusting God for d fruit of d womb then, its only Sis Temi dt had a baby girl, expecting d second one.
Oh!..I’ve disappointed many people.
And Bode’s mum?.Wouldn’t she think i lured her son to sleep with me?.Wont she see me as a cheap girl?.
As i thought of these things,tears was flowing freely from my eyes.
Mrs Williams came to tell me to get dressed for service.
I told her i wasn’t feeling like going to church.
She said “okay, its fine. Just make sure u seek d face of God for forgiveness, mercy and d way out.”
I said thank u ma.
They left.
I switched off my phone.
Then i started thinking again and again,weeping and asking God for forgiveness. I also prayed for His mercy and way out, as Mrs Williams instructed me me.
After d prayer, i put on my phone, and almost immediately, Bode’s message came in.

I read d message which went like ds..”I was devastated by your message. I think d only solution is abortion. I thought about it tru out d night n dt i think is d only way out. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience ds might have caused u.”
I threw d phone on d bed.
I said to myself “how i wish it was dt easy.”
As a matter of fact, maybe i would have agreed with him, if ds woman was not involved, but now, i just have to bear d consequences, d shame, reproach, rejection and anything
dt comes from it.


I threw myself on d bed, covered my mouth with a pillow n
screamed into it. JESUS!.JESUS!!..Pls have mercy on me….ds is too much for me.
While doing ds, i heard d Pastor’s car moving into d compound. I quickly got up, wiped my face n pretended to be fine.

Soon Pastor Mrs was in d room.
“How was ur day my dear”.
“I was praying ma”.
“And weeping at d same time”. She said, smiling.
I didnt answer.
I showed her Bode’s message.
She read it n said “i knew it. I knew dt would be his option.”
Then she sat beside me on d bed, hugged me n said “Listen
my darling, there’s nothing new under heaven. Many people
have gone tru ds route before, and many will still go tru it.
I’m sure if not for divine intervention, u could have considered abortion as Bode suggested. But sometimes we offend God while trying not to offend man. Don’t use sin to cover sin. God is d Ultimate. Once He has
forgiven u, it doesnt matter if anybody doesn’t.