Hear My Story! Episode 16



I called Bode,n put on d phone’s speaker so Mrs Williams could hear our conversation.
Me:Hello Bode.
Bode:Hello,how are u?.
Me:I’m fine.
Bode:What about dt thing?. Have u removed it?.
Me:That’s why i’m calling u.
Bode:Hun Hun?.
Me:I cant do it, n i want u to come home so we can talk.
Bode:What else do we want to talk about?..Ehn?..U know
how things are with me?.Is it my mum who had not been
able to continue with her trading dt will be taking care of a
pregnant lady?.
What if they got to know in church?,what do u think will
happen?.Think of ur parents too, how will they take it?.Pls,let’s get rid of ds pregnancy n continue with our
lives..Please,i beg of u.
Me:Fine..but we still need to sort out some things.When are
u coming home?.
Bode:Exam is fast approaching n i need to study, moreso, i
have no transport fare.
Me:I will take care of dt. Pls come on friday, u can get back to school on saturday if u so wish. How about dt?.
Bode: Okay,let’s see how things will be during d week.
But hear ds,if u refuse to remove dt thing, i will deny it o, bcs u know how i’ve been struggling since all these days, u
know everything o.
I hung up.

Mrs Williams heard everything.
Before i left for school on friday morning
, Mrs Williams told
me to go to my house after d school hours as Bode could come as promised.S he however told me to send a text message to her as soon as he comes in.

I went straight to d corper’s quarters after school, tidied up my room which was in a mess. I was expecting Bode tru out d afternoon, he didnt show up. I called his number but couldnt get tru to him, so i guessed he was on d way.

Finally,around 6.40pm.He called me,informing me dt he was just getting to Oyan, but wanted to see his mum first,after which he’ll come n see me.
I quickly sent an sms to my pastor’s wife telling her what he
told me. Bode came in around 8pm.
Few minutes after he came in,Pastor n Mrs Williams also came in.He was so surprised to see them.We both greeted them n sat down. Bode kept on wondering what d meeting was all about.


Pastor Williams said “Well,Bode,there’s nothing new under heaven any longer.We’ve heard everything dt happened btw u n Sewa. I as a person, i’m not happy about it at all, n so is my wife..but in a situation like ds, we just have to leave everything to d hands of God.
So,i want u to tell us now,who is responsible for ds pregnancy?.”

After a long pause, he murmured “Its me sir”.
“Dt’s good.I thought u’ll deny it, n i also learnt u are suggesting abortion..Not ds one, n not here, so take ur mind off dt. Ds baby has come to stay.Is dt taken?.”
“Ye-ye-yes sir”.He answered.
“Now,let’s go to ur mum’s place.”

We got into d car n left for Bode’s family house.
When his mum heard what happened, she couldnt lift up her
head. She just kept quiet.
She didnt say anything tru out.
After leaving d place, i felt so bad. I wondered what was
going on in d mind of Bode’s mum.

To be continued