Hear My Story! Episode 17

Episodes of lifestyle


I was no longer active as I used to be in church.
Soon, people began to suspect something was going on. Some came to ask me why I was living with d pastor’s family. Some would ask why I was no longer acting as d choir mistress.
Others asked why I was putting on weight, while many others did not come to me, they would rather backbite or gossip.
With time,my tummy was protruding.

Hun!..Come and see side talk in church, even during service!!.
Thank God for Pastor Mrs, she has prepared me before everything started. Sometimes when I was so bothered and moved by what anybody did or said, I would tell her when we get home, she would encourage me and i would get over it immediately.

I was discussing with her from time to time,without hiding anything. Many times,she would pray with me. She was d angel God sent to me at a time i really needed one.

Then, one bright saturday morning, my mum called me,telling me dt she n my dad were in Oyan, dt i should describe where i was, as they wanted to see me.She said they’ve been at Ikirun since friday, to attend a programme. So,they decided to check on me before going
back to Lagos tht day.

Pastor Williams travelled, while mummy went to market to
buy some groceries for d house.
I quickly called her n told her dt my parents were in Oyan, and were on d way to their house.
She rushed back from d market. By d time she would enter
d living room, my parents were already seated, enjoying d
cool breeze blowing from d fan my dad told me to switch on.

They exchanged greetings.
My parents appreciated her n her husband,n told us dt he had forgiven me..n dt he was ready to meet Bode n his family.
He asked about his parents. We told him he lost his dad of

He said he would like to go to their house to meet his mum.
As much as i appreciated d fact dt my dad had forgiven
me, yet i didn’t want him to visit Bode’s family house,as i
didn’t know how he would feel, seeing d old,poverty-stricken
building they were living.

I was left with no choice anyway, so we went there together with Pst Mrs. Bode wasn’t around, he was in school. His mum was in d market, facing her business.


She had come to greet me once at my pastor’s house. Somebody quickly ran to d market to call her, dt some visitors from Lagos were waiting for her at home.

rushed home to meet us. My parents were just looking
up n down d whole street n compound. They exchanged greetings, after which we went into d sitting room.
Pst Mrs introduced them to each other.
My dad asked about Bode n wanted to know when he would
be around. His mum said she wasn’t sure of when he would come home as he left not too long ago.

Daddy said his mum should tell him to come n meet him in
Lagos, as dir’s something he wanted to discuss with him.
He gave her money to send to him for transportation, gave
her n her daughters money too.
We returned to pastor’s house,they ate,n left.

Now,i could go to Lagos bcs d school was on long vacation,
but i didn’t want to go bcs of what i would encounter in d hands of Lagos people too, church people, neighbours, family n friends.
So,i told dad n mum i would prefer to stay in Oyan till
schools resume in september, n they agreed.