Hear My Story Episode11

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Daddy said he would be celebrating his 60th birthday on 30th of May, and would want me to come and grace d occasion with him and other members of d family.
I promised to come, but after d conversation,i started praying dt i would have gotten over d mood i was before going to Lagos,bcs i didn’t want anybody in my family to have an idea of what i was going through.

The next day i had an appointment with my pastor’s wife. I decided not to go as i didn’t know how to tell her what was wrong with me.
Fortunately for me, she called around 2.30pm to inform me dt we would have to postpone d meeting as she needed to attend to a matter urgently. I was very happy to hear dt.
To avoid people coming to my house again, i decided to attend Sunday service d following week, only to discover dt Bode was absent. I didnt even ask of him as i preferred not to see him, but i overheard someone telling d pastor he had gone back to school.

Immediately after d service, Mrs Williams sent an usher to tell me she was waiting for me at d church office.
When i got there,she asked me what was bothering me.
I was too scared to tell her d truth, so i said “It’s family matter ma, my dad and mum are not in good terms,and it’s seriously affecting me….”
She said “Are u sure?”
“I said “Yes ma”.
“Anyway,if dt is d case, dont let dt affect u. There’s no marriage without its own crises. God will be glorified in dt union, it doesn’t have to bother u, afterall,u know how to pray, just pray for them,and everything will be well.”
Then she paused,and looked at me “Sis Sewa, are u sure ds is what is bothering u?.I’m having a feeling u are not
telling me d truth.”
“Dt is it ma.”
“Okay.Let’s pray.”
She prayed with me, and i left.

As i was going home,d Holyspirit came with his rod again. “Hunnnn!.U have just told another lie!!. Dt’s another blunder..Go back and confess ur sins.”
I refused to go back.
How would i face her to tell her i told a lie, after asking me twice if i was sure i was telling d truth, and i said yes.?.


About a week before my dad’s birthday,i fell sick . I was
throwing up, nothing stayed in my tummy, in fact i couldn’t
But i just treated malaria, why ds again?. I said to myself.
I became very weak.
I decided not to call anybody’s attention..i was fighting it
Then, very early one saturday morning, Pastor Mrs came to
my house.I was so surprised to see her.
“What’s wrong with u Sis Sewa?”.
“Just a bit weak ma”.
“Just a bit weak?, when did it start”.
“About a week ago ma”
She looked at me closely,and said “No,it cant be.Let me see
ur eye and ur palm”
She checked both.
“U are pregnant!”.
“No ma,i’m not, its malaria”.
She sat on my bed,and was looking at me.
“I said u are pregnant!. I knew it last sunday when i saw u,but i didn’t want to be too fast. Okay,if u are not sure,let’s go to d clinic.”
“No ma,i’m not pregnant, i’m sure i’m not”.
“Now,tell me,what did u do?. Did u sleep with any man?”
I didnt answer.
“Oh my God!.U? Of all people!. I’ve been using u to counsel to other sisters in church, i saw u as a role model to them….”
She bursted into tears.
I started weeping too.

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