Hear My Story Episodes 4 & 5

Episodes of mystery stories

*Hear My Story……………*

Episodes 4 & 5

It was 1st of April, my birthday. Bisi and some of the sisters of NCCF came to my house to help in the cooking. The birthday was fixed for 12pm, since we would be having choir practise by 5pm. We ate, drank and made merry. In fact, it was indeed a memorable occasion.
I really enjoyed myself. Pastor Mrs Williams gave a short exhortation. She titled the message Unique Grace, citing practical examples from her own life experiences. We were all blessed.
Despite the short notice, I was so surprised to see that some people
still came with gifts. The most surprising one was the one sent to me from Bode’s mum. When Bode’s mum gave me the gift, I asked her how she knew because I remembered I didn’t tell her when I saw her in the market the previous day. She said Bode was the one that told her, and she said “no wonder she came to buy many ingredients yesterday!”
She then rushed inside her room and came out with a pack of 4 glass cups. she wished me long life and prosperity”. On hearing this, I automatically fell in love with the woman. I collected it from her with thanks and after the birthday, we went to church for the choir practice.
We ended the practice around 7pm. Everybody left for their houses. Bode was discussing with one of the brothers when I left the church. I got to my room around 7.15pm, the sisters who cleaned the plates and utensils we used for the birthday did a thorough job. They tidied up everywhere, including my room, and set everything in place. I laid on my bed, closed my eyes, thanking God for the day and everyone He used to make the day a lovely one, when I heard a knock on the door. “Who is that?”. I asked as I quickly came out of my thought. “It’s Bode o”. Of course, I could recognise his voice. “Come in, the door is not locked” I answered.
Before he could enter, I quickly got up and sat on the bed, I adjusted my dress and brushed my hair backwards with my right hand. I
wondered why he came back, after all he had been in my house since morning. When he entered, he sat down on a plastic chair in the room. He said his mum told him I came to buy ingredients from her the previous day, and that she loved my simplicity, and all those stuff.

He said some other things, and upon all, I could get that he really didn’t have anything important to discuss with me, he only wanted to see my face again.
When the time was moving to few minutes before 9pm, I told him
to be going, as it was getting too late, more so, his mum had been
calling. Finally, he got up and said “Ok, Sis Sewa, good night”. He came over to where I was, and gave me a very tight and warm
hug. I could sense a feeling from that hug, but I ignored it. Anyways, he left that night. But what was his plan?

To be continued

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