Her family is a shame; Part 10

Episodes of lifestyle

As I para finish for Cynthia ear, I cut call. Wetin wan happen, make e happen. I no fit suffer make money for this life, make greedy people comot am for my hand like say na juju. Omo, I no do again jare. If foul yansh open, na all of us the breeze go carry, no be only me. Something wey we all enjoy, na only me go kon dey suffer am, mbanu.

Dat day, I make sure say I come back late from work. I dey my friend house until 9 o clock, before I go house. My wife don come back, she surprise as I come late, I give am serious lamba and she believe me. Wetin happen later for night strange me. I been think say I get liver to chest the whole matter, but sleep no gree catch me, na only mama and cynthia I dey think of. The small sleep wey manage catch me sef, I dream as me with dem dey enjoy ourself together. The whole thing just be like juju. Na so e continue for like 2 weeks, even after dem finally pack comot for our house. Dem no call me to ask me about the money or tell me anything, I avoid dem until dem go, but I no get myself again. Na wetin happen on the last day of the 2 weeks make me no fit bear am again.

I dey for office, I no fit do anything, I dey lose jobs anyhow. My meetings dey cancel because na only mama and Cynthia full my head, even food no dey gree me eat. I no get choice dan to call Cynthia. I call am two times but she no pick. I know say she go dey vex as I use talk to am the last time. I kon say make I call mama…
Dunn dunn… dunn dunn

Mama; wetin happen? Why you dey call me?”

Chima; mama, abeg, no vex for me. I no reason the whole matter well, I go send you the money make you give Cynthia, I go send am now. No vex for me. You fit help me resend dat your account number? I use vex delete am dat day”

Mama; o chim o. Hmmmm. Chima, wonders no go end sha. I think say you been dey form strong head up and down, dey puff shoulder say you no go send the money, now you don dey beg for account number. E no go work like that o. If you want make I no vex as you talk, dat money don increase to 2 million naira, for all the time wey you don waste. Another one be say, you go totori me again and na today I want am. If you no go fit do am, keep your money, we no want again. Go face your wife”

Chima; haba, mama. Shebi you say na only once we go do am na. How manage you wan do another one again? I just want make we dey in good terms, this quarrel no make sense, but I no go like touch you again. You sef say you belleful dat day. Mama, no do like this, abeg”

Mama; abegy! Which kain small pikin talk be dat one? You wey know say na only once I want am, why you go do am make e sweet me like that? You for send the money wey I tell you dat day, all dis wan no go come up again, but you no gree. Nobody go taste sugar swear say e no go taste am again, dat one na lie. E sweet me, I ask for another one. Make I even tell you my mind so, I want make we dey do am dey go. Anytime wey e hungry me, I go call you. If you say no, I no go force you. But make you think am well dis time, because if you come back again, your punishment go increase o”

Chima; oya, I don hear. I go do wetin you talk. We go find another place to go do am, as una don comot for my house and I no go fit do am for your house”

Mama; no worry. If you cut the call now, I go send you the account number and the place wey you go meet me, by 5 o clock, dat place dey private wella, nothing dey happen”…

As the call end, e no reach one minute, she don send me her account number and the address where I go meet am. I rush transfer the 2 million naira. Body just dey sweet me as I don settle with mama, serious hunger catch me, like say my belle just open. The way the whole thing take dey happen dey surprise me. See mama wey I no like before, now I dey happy say she follow me talk, omo. As for Cynthia, I continue dey call am, e reach two days before she pick my call, we kon settle and do rum pum dat same day.
Na so I kon begin chop Cynthia and im mama, for more than 5 months, dem sef dey chop me die. The kain money wey comot for my account no be with clear eyes. I spend more than 10 million naira dat period and I no still get sense. The sugar wey dem put for their body dey draw me like say na juju, mama and pikin press me remote without sorry. Minus the motor wey I buy for am when she do her 56th birthday. She insists say na exactly the type I buy for my mama she want. The same color. I suggest am to my wife, say make we use motor surprise her mama on her birthday, she happy die, say na good thing I wan do, say her mama go over happy. Dat one no even get time to suspect anything, even if e dey happen inside im nose, she no go notice am.

Na so this thing continue, until one day wey I dey rush go upstairs make I take my phone wey I forget for room…

To be continued

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