Her family is a shame; Part 12

Episodes of lifestyle

My wife think say na small thing I wan gist am, she no know say na matter wey go scatter her head and our marriage. I no go lie, from the time wey dis whole matter start, I know say wetin I dey do no good, even before I fall for Cynthia trap. After the first time wey e happen, I suppose hold myself, confess to my wife, mama for no dey involved, but I no fit control myself, as dat kain thing dey be, once you start, you don start. E still dey shock me as I no dey cheat my wife before, upon how fine girls dey disturb me everywhere, I hold body die. Dey even block some of dem wey go carry come for WhatsApp to talk one kain thing, as this Cynthia and im mama own take happen, na wetin I no understand.

This matter go make my wife leave me, I know say dis marriage don over, but I ready face am now dan continue dey spend money for where mama and Cynthia dey. Money wey dem no deserve. Yes, I know say wetin I do na wetin dem dey take kill person, but Cynthia and mama own worse. Mama jealous her own pikin sote, she collect her husband join, I never see this kain thing before. People dey sha. And the way my wife dey take praise her mama eeh, you go think say na saint. She no dey believe say her mama fit do anything bad for this life, na now she go know the type of family wey she get.

I don already print out all the bank statements wey show how much I don put for mama and Cynthia account, to show her. She just sidon like one innocent girl dey smile look me. Chaii, my wife no deserve dis thing wey I do am, I swear. She be better person wey never do me any bad thing since I meet am. She get bad mouth o, but na only when she dey vex and if she talk to me anyhow, she go still later beg me say make I no vex.
Before I open mouth to start to talk…

Precious; before you talk sef, I wan give you dis gist make I no forget am. You believe say my brother call me today to tell me say Cynthia wan buy motor. No be small motor o, na jeep. Say the kain money wey she dey spend now eeh. Dey even plan go abroad with mama and dem no tell me. If say my brother no call me today to gimme the gist, I for no know. The thing shock me, person wey no get work, wey no dey do business, wan buy motor, haaa, I dey fear o, make e no be say she don begin do bad thing. I even call am to ask am where she see money wey she dey spend like this, she say na her sugar daddy dey sponsor am. Hmm, e get as the thing be me o, this kain sugar daddy wey dey spend money like this, make dem no use my sister do juju o”

Chima; na the thing wey I wan tell you be dat”

Precious; how? I no understand. Shey you know the sugar daddy abi na you connect them? How you mean?”

Chima; abeg, I wan beg you for something, promise me say you go calm down hear everything wey I wan talk. Na long story, I wan tell you how the whole thing take start”

Precious; heeeh, Chima! Wetin happen? You dey make me fear”

Chima; promise me, I use God name beg you”

Precious; oya, I promise. Talk wetin you wan talk. I dey hear you”…

Na so I kon start from the beginning, talk everything wey happen, I no comot anything, I no put anything. She just sidon dey listen, as I talk reach her mama side, na so I begin cry, she sef follow me dey cry, but she no talk anything, fear sef dey catch me, dis wan wey she never react, make dis woman no kill me for midnight. As I talk finish, I give am the bank papers wey I print out. She collect am, she no talk anything. I wait for small time to see whether she go talk, but she no still talk, she just dey look the papers dey go…

Chima; anything we you decide to do, na your right, even if you no want dis marriage again, I go understand, but the only thing wey I dey beg you na make you forgive me, abeg. I no know wetin make me do dis kain thing, I swear. Precious, you know me, you know say I no dey use you play, I no dey even look another woman, you know me, as dis wan take happen, na wetin I no understand. I no believe say I go ever be dis kain person for dis life. I no believe say I go use my own hand take spoil my marriage, I swear, I no believe am until e happen”

Precious; you say you and my mama go see by which time tomorrow?”

Chima; by 5 o clock”

Precious; okay, no wahala. You go meet am as una dey meet before. I go come there with my brothers, my mama best friend and one of my uncle wey dey dis lagos. I go miss work tomorrow, because of dis matter. Tomorrow morning, I go begin organize dem one by one, so dat we go follow go the place by 5. I no go even tell dem wetin happen, I want make dem use dier korokoro eyes see am, me sef never believe say my mama sleep with my husband, I wan use my eyes see am tomorrow. Una two go dey the room, before I show. After dat one, I go handle Cynthia”

Chima; me nko? How I go take beg you make you no leave me? Biko, if you leave me, I no go survive am”

Precious; chai, na now I just dey remember wetin my ex boyfriend tell me dat time, say my mama dey toast am, I change am for am dat day, na wetin make me leave am. I no know say na true the boy dey talk. E tell me say one day, I go know the kain person wey my mama be. Chima, una don kill me. Which mouth I wan take talk am? Cynthia no do you, na my mama. My own mama. Fear no catch you, eeh Chima. My chest wan tear for here, dis thing go kill me o, where I go start from? My mama, Chima, my mama o. Una don kill me kpatakpata, God o. See as my body dey shake. Wetin I do?”…

To be continued!


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