Her family is a shame; Part 14!

Episodes of lifestyle

As we dey wait for bar, I just dey pray make e be say the whole thing na dream, make e be say na lie my husband dey lie. I wan catch my mama red handed, but another mind dey hope say she no go dey dere. How she get mind take do me dis kain thing? I still dey shock. My brothers don ask me tire wetin the surprise be, I tell dem to calm down, dem go soon see am. Small time, my husband flash me for phone, dat na signal say make we dey come. We kon dey go the room for upstairs.

Me and my husband don already gree say im go use style do like say im wan lock the door, but make im leave am open, so that I no go knock when I reach, I go just open the room door. As we dey reach the door, my chest just dey beat gbim gbim gbim, the speed wey e take dey beat, dey fear me, like say my blood pressure wan high. I dey waka slow to fit hold myself. By the time wey my hand touch the hand of the door, all my body don begin shake. I open the door, my knees weak, the thing wey I see, make me fall backwards for one of my brothers body, dat one kon help me stand well, my eyes glue for my mama own.

She shock when she see us. She stand for front of my husband, she no wear anything at all, my husband shirt dey on top chair, na only single and trouser im still wear, but my mama don rush pull everything. My uncle put hands for head, just dey shout ‘chinekeh’. My immediate younger brother just sidon for ordinary ground, for the door. None of us gree enter inside the room, we just pin for the door like say something magnet us there. E take my mama like 5 seconds, before she get herself to gather her clothes take cover her body for shame.
The thing wey surprise me na how my other brother burst laugh, all of us kon dey wonder why im dey laugh. The laugh dey increase, so my uncle kon shun am, tell am to close mouth or comot for the room, say nothing funny for this matter so wey make am dey laugh…

Brother; uncle, no talk like dat abeg, e funny me wella. I go laugh if something dey funny and dis one dey funny. I no surprise for wetin happen so. The way mama and Cynthia dey take table dis your husband matter for house eeh, like say dem wan chop the man raw. Me and mama sef don use am fight many times. E get time wey I ask am whether im wan help you marry your husband. I even tell am to comot eyes for your marriage, dat day, she no gimme food chop. She hate make person dey tell am truth”

When im talk to my uncle finish, he turn begin talk to my mama dey laugh…

Brother; mama, you see your life? Your pikin husband. Other small boys for street no do you again, na your own first daughter husband. First pikin wey open your belle you do dis kain thing to. Shey dem go still call you mama like dis? No wonder you wan chop me raw say I touch your black soap one day like dat. My mind tell me say na juju be dat. You buy give Cynthia join. You go carry am enter bathroom, if you baf finish, you go carry am come out again. I just dey observe since, dey wonder dis kain soap wey you dey hoard like dis. The day my soap finish, I go your bathroom to find soap, e kon be say you forget your black soap, as I wan take am go baf, you rush me for your bathroom, begin shout for me, say I wan kill you. E no get anything wey you go tell me for here wey go make me believe say dis whole thing no be juju. Na lie, mama hands no pure, she don do oke mkpi for your husband. Sis, check well o, e fit be say your husband sef dey sleep with Cynthia join, and you no go know”

Precious; yes, na im confess gimme yesterday. Na Cynthia im first begin do before mama, but na mama plan the whole thing, as e be so. How I wan do dis life now, eeh? How? If dis thing no kill me, I no go quick die”

Brother; I talk am. Mama, ntorrrr, shame o. Tomorrow, make I talk, make you open mouth dey find respect. Say na you born us no mean say we no go fit abandon you o. Your shame dey shame me like dis. Uncle, you don see your sister na, you don use eyes see wetin your elder sister do im pikin, dis one no be say na gossip, you carry your two eyes see am. Sis, better carry your husband dey go house o. I no know whether im been dey cheat you before, na you know the kain person wey im be, but you see dis one so, na your mama cause am, no be clear eyes. Man wey hate your mama like say tomorrow no dey, go do dis kain thing with am, na lie jor, your mama don jazz am die, no be clear eyes be dis. I fit use swear put. Na man I be, I no fit go near woman wey I hate. Carry your husband go house, make una reason how una wan take handle dis matter, as for me, I don bounce. I no wan look dis woman for face again”…

As im talk finish, im waka comot, my immediate brother stand up, follow am for back, dat one no even say pim, maybe e no get wetin to talk. No be everybody go fit talk for dis kain thing, e get as e be. I rest my body for the door, because my knees dey weak to stand straight. My husband pick im shirt, but im no wear am, kon waka meet me for door…

Chima; nne, make we go, abeg. You don tire, you need make you rest, I beg you”

I turn to comot for the room, I look my uncle, he still put hands for head since dat time…

Precious; uncle, thank you. Na God go bless you for dis waka wey you follow me waka today, so dat if things dey happen tomorrow, make you know why e dey happen”

Uncle; Ada, dis one no give me mouth to talk o. Na dis kain abomination dey kill person. If you go hear me, make you do wetin your brother talk. Make una dey go house, I go follow sef, make una drop me for road”

Precious; okay. Chima, I need make you collect the motor key from mama. She no go enter dat motor again”
Chima; her driver na my former driver wey I give am, I don already call am to carry the motor go park for me for house, before I enter dis room”..

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