Her family is a shame; Part 15!

Episodes of lifestyle

As we reach house, the driver wey carry my mama car, don already dey house dey wait us. My husband collect the keys, kon pay am. I still dey talk to my husband normal, like say nothing happen, but my chest wan explode, I no dey breathe well. I know say I gatz stay strong, because of my children, if I break down, e go worse for me.

The next day, I resign from my bank work, I no even tell my husband, my colleagues just dey wonder wetin happen, dem shock die. Me wey dem wan make manager for the branch, resign without any good reason. I just tell dem say I no work again, say I wan face my family and take care of my children, I don neglect dem too much. I just dey make decisions wey I no think about, but na so my own things dey be. If I begin think am, dat means I no go resign, or if I discuss am with person first, the person fit make me change mind, so I just wake up, do wetin I wan do, if I later regret am, e no mean, after all, nobody force me.

I don try for the work, I put eyes there pass as I put eyes for my family. I no dey get time for my husband and my children. Na only for weekends I dey get there time, no be say I dey blame myself for wetin happen, but I still know where I careless, if I no accept say I careless, I no go fit learn. As for Cynthia, dat one no be my sister again, I don disown am, I send am text to thank am for everything wey she do me, I kon tell am say I no ever wan see am or hear from am again, den I block am from everywhere. I know say people fit say I forgive my husband, but I no forgive my sister and mama, the truth be say, family wey fit do me dis kain thing, go fit kill me, dem go poison me and dem no go think am.

My husband own na say I just wan give am another chance, I know wetin im don do for me wey my family no fit do for me, I dey tell myself say I no go let am suffer all dese things alone, when na me follow cause am. Na me carry firewood wey ants dey, come house. The thing wey my family expect na make my marriage end, but I no go give dem dat satisfaction. If say my husband dey treat me bad before, or dey follow women up and down, na speed I go take end the marriage as dis wan happen so, but dis na man wey never comot tears for my eyes before, man wey dey treat me like egg, na love make am gree for my mama and sister to come here, something wey im hate.

This thing happen for 2020. Na March dem come our house, kon comot for September, na the next month my husband tell me the whole thing. Since dat day wey I catch my mama for hotel till now, she never talk to me. I purposely no block am for WhatsApp, with hope say im go beg me to forgive am, but nothing. She and Cynthia dey live their lives like say nothing happen, dem no send me. My mama don start her lace business for January, with the money wey she collect from my husband. Na my brother gimme the gist. My own be say dem go regret everything wey dem do me one day, nothing go ever connect me with dem again. No matter wetin happen. The way my heart dey sef, if my mama old die, I no go attend her burial, I don already dey live like person wey no get mama again.

My marriage still never go back as e dey before, but we dey try our best, especially my husband, im dey do everything possible to make sure say my happiness come back fully. As I don stay house for some months, im kon dey pity me, because house wife no fit me, so the duplex wey im buy for one popular place for dis lagos, im convert am to big supermarket, e be like mini shoprite, kon use am surprise me, when everything don set. Na my name dey for the supermarket; Precious Supermarket. I get 16 workers for there, plus my manager. My office get everything inside, so I dey go there anytime wey I like, before my children go close for school, I don reach house, and no be every day I dey go there, I get better manager wey dey handle things wella for me.
Upon everything wey happen, I still love my husband and small small, the trust go come back, we go begin sleep together again. Na March be im birthday, I wan use my body take surprise am, since dat thing happen, we dey sleep for separate rooms, but we dey gist like nothing happen.

You see for dis life eeh, make you open your eyes waaaa, no go loose guard, because say dem be your family. Na family dey wound person pass dese days o, say dem never do you, na say dem never see the opportunity, especially if you get money or marry person wey get money. No matter the amount wey you give dem, e no go ever belleful dem, the appreciation no go be for their mind. Love your family, but no trust dem. Make you careful, na people wey you love pass, go fit hurt you pass.

Make you always expect the unexpected, especially from people wey you love. No vouch say your family no fit do you dis kain thing, you no fit know the things wey dem fit do, until you better pass dem and dem see better opportunity. Things dey happen for dis life, na only the ones wey you hear or see, na im you know.

Thank you all so much, for reading and learning from this true life story that happened.

The End!

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